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Ebel, S. J., Zeidler, H., Duguid, S., Eckert, J., Völter, C., & Call, J. (in preparation). Flexible tool use with food items in human children and chimpanzees: the impact of experience.
Ebel, S. J., Kopp, K., & Liebal, K. (submitted). Object preferences in captive Sumatran orang-utans (Pongo abelii).
Ebel, S. J., Völter, C., & Call, J. (submitted). Prior experience mediates the usage of food items as tools in great apes.
Ebel, S. J., Völter, C., Sánchez Amaro, A., Helmig, A. K., Herrmann, E., & Call, J. (submitted). Functional fixedness in great apes.
Ebel, S. J. (2019). Tool use in great apes and human children: The impact of prior experience and visual feedback. PhD Thesis, University of St Andrews, St Andrews.
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Ebel, S. J., Hanus, D., & Call, J. (2019). How prior experience and task presentation modulate innovation in 6-year-old-children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology,180, 87-103.
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Ebel, S. J., Schmelz, M., Herrmann, E., & Call, J. (2019). Innovative problem solving in great apes: The role of visual feedback in the floating peanut task. Animal Cognition,22(5), 791-805.
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Ebel, S. J., & Call, J. (2018). The interplay of prior experience and motivation in great ape problem-solving (Gorilla gorilla, Pan paniscus, Pan troglodytes, and Pongo abelii). Journal of Comparative Psychology,132(3), 294-305.
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