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Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture

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Wittig & Crockford Lab

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summer 2020

Members of the Wittig & Crockford Lab (from left to right): Roman Wittig, Sylvain Lemoine, Virgile Manin, Patrick Tkaczynski, Catherine Crockford, Kathrin Kopp, Aisha Bründl, Cedric Girard-Buttoz.

Missing and in the field are: Tatiana Bortolato, Clement Gba (Abidjan), Mathilde Grampp (Tai), Tobias Gräßle (Berlin), Mathieu Malherb (Tai), Christelle Nihouarn (Tai), Kamilla Pleh (Berlin), Prince Vale (Abidjan).

winter 2018 / 2019

Members of the Wittig & Crockford Lab winter 2018/2019 Last row (from left to right): Cedric Girard-Buttoz, Catherine Crockford, Roman Wittig, Alexander Mielke, Prince Vale, Janette Gleiche. Middle row  (from left to right): Sylvain Lemoine, Liran Samuni, Anna Preis, Kayla Kolff, Frauke Olthoff. Front row (from left to right): Patrick Tkaczynski, Erin Wessling, Virgile Manin.

In the field: Tatiana Bortolato, Mathilde Grampp, Mathieu Malherbe, Penelope Carlier

(missing: Clement Gba, Doris Wu, Ruth Sonnweber)

summer 2017

Members of the Wittig & Crockford Lab summer 2017 (starting from left): Janette Gleiche, Frauke Olthoff, Ramona Beuth, Clement Gba, Alexander Mielke, Roman Wittig, Catherine Crockford, Cedric Girard-Buttoz, Doris Wu, Isaac Schamberg (guest), Sylvain Lemoine.

In the field: Pawel Fedurek, Virgile Manin, Kamilla Pleh, Patrick Tkaczynski, Prince Vale

(missing: Therese Löhrich, Anna Preis, Liran Samuni, Ruth Sonnweber)

summer 2016

Members of the Wittig & Crockford Lab summer 2016 (starting from left): Veronika Beeck, Anna Preis, Pawel Fedurek, Patrick Tkaczynski, Catherine Crockford, Roman Wittig, Cedric Girrard-Buttoz, Liran Samuni.

In the field: Alexander Mielke, Therese Löhrrich, Sylvain Lemoine, Clement Gba, Ruth Sonnweber, Doris Wu.

Principle Investigators

Post-doc staff

Aisha Bründl, PhD

Post-doc Evolution of Brain Connectivity

Assessing social cognition and communication development and capacities in wild chimpanzees

Dr. Cedric Girard-Buttoz

Post-doc Pan-Pan Comparison

Assessing cognitve and social differences between Taï Chimapnzees and LuiKotale bonbos

Post-doc Ape Attachment

Dr. Kathrin Kopp

Post-doc Evolution of Brain Connectivity

Assessing cognitive and social plasticity in chimpanzees and bonobos across European Zoos

Patrick Tkaczynski, PhD

Post-doc Ape Attachment

The influence of hormonal variation on social bonding capacities in chimpanzees

PhD Students

Tatiana Bortolato

PhD project: Communicative development of wild chimpanzees

Clement Gba

PhD project: Food competition and sociality in mangabeys

at Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques, Abidjan, Ivory Coast


Sylvain Lemoine

PhD project: Intergroup relationships between four neighbouring chimpanzee communities

Mathieu Malbehre

PhD project: Behaviuoral varaition and culture in 4 neighbouring communities of chimpanzees

Virgile Manin

PhD project: Link among sociality, oxytocin, glucocorticoids and health in wild chimpanzees

SoHaPi: DFG funded

Kamilla Pleh

PhD project: Localizing an infective source in the Taï National Park

at Robert Koch Institut, Berlin, Germany

Prince Vale

PhD project: Energy balance in wild chimpanzees

at Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Technical Staff

MPI EVA, Leipzig

  • Tina Knittel (TCP Behavioural Data Entry)
  • Amelie Pettrich (Urine and Feacal Samples Data Bank)

TCP, Ivory Coast

  • Mathieu Malherbe (Project Manager TCP)
  • Jenny Jaffe (Project Vet TCP)
  • Frauke Olthoff (Research Assistant TCP, Longterm data)
  • Morgen Rohee (Research Assistant TCP, Longterm data)

Research Staff TCP, Ivory Coast

  • Mathilde Grampp (Social cognition in chimpanzees and mangabeys)
  • Christelle Nihouarn (Development of social play in chimpanzees)

Associated Researchers & Students

Scientific Alumni

2011 - 2015 Dr. Helen DeNys (University of Gent, Belgium)

2013 - 2015 Dr. Martin Surbeck (Deaprtment of Primatology, MPI EVA, Leipzig, GER)

2012 - 2016 Jan Gogarten, PhD (Center of Infection and Immunity, Columbia University, New York, USA)

2012 - 2016 Dr. Marleen Fröhlich (Department of Anthropology, University of Zürich, Zürich, CH)

2013 - 2016 Dr. Robert Power (Department for Prehistory, LMU Munich, Munich, GER)

2013 - 2018 Dr. Theresa Löhrich (WWF, Central African Republic)

2016 - 2018 Dr. Pawel Fedurek (Department of Psychology, University of Stirling, Stirling, UK)

2017 - 2018 MSc Ramona Beuth (University Of Leipzig, GER)

2012 - 2019 Dr. Anna Preis (Wild Chimpanzee Foundation, Moyen-Bafin National Park, Guinee)

2012 - 2019 Dr. Alexander Mielke (Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK)

2013 - 2019 Dr. Liran Samuni (Department of Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)

2015 - 2019 Dr. Doris Wu (N.N.)

2016 - 2019 Dr. Ruth Sonnweber (N. N.)

2018 - 2019 MSc Kayla Kolff (Institute of Cognitive Sciences, University of Osnabrück, Germany)

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