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Department of Human Evolution

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 (341) 3550 - 350
fax: +49 (0341) 3550 - 399

e-mail: streiber@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Curriculum Vitae


2014-presentPhD student
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Dep. Human Evolution
& IMPRS Leipzig School of Human Origins
2011-2013M.Sc. Paleoanthropology,
University of Tübingen
2008-2011B.A. Prehistoric Archaeology,
University of Jena

Fieldwork/ Professional Experience

2013Excavation Ellwangen
(Germany, Medieval),
anthropological documentation
2012-2013Research assistant
in project The Role of Culture in Early Expansion of Humans
Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
& University of Tübingen
2013Excavation Sefunim
(Israel, Middle/ Upper Paleolithic),
University of Tübingen
2012Excavation Schöningen
(Germany, Lower Paleolithic),
University of Tübingen
2012Excavation Hohle Fels
(Germany, Middle/ Upper Paleolithic),
Univ. Tübingen
2011Research Assistant
Museum for Prehistoric Archaeology
Neubrandenburg (GER),
2010Research Assistant during relocation and inventory of the osteological collection of Kapellendorf (GER)
State Office for Culture and Preservation of Historical Monuments
in Thuringia & German Society for Biological Anthropology
2009-2010Excavation Wetzlar-Dalheim C86
(Iron Age/ Roman Empire)
Universities of Jena and Marburg
2009Excavation Würzburg
(Germany, Medieval)
Office for Excavation and Documentation Heyse, Bavaria

Conference presentations



10th International Meeting of the German Society of Biological Anthropology 2nd-6th September, Bolzano (Italy), podium presentation titled "Sexual dimorphism in human mandibular morphology - temporally biased?", nominated among the top three of 22 junior scientists


6th Annual Meeting of the European Society for the study of Human Evolution 14th-17th September, Madrid, podium presentation titled "Variability and Evolution of mandible morphology in Homo sapiens and its ancestors"