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Department of Human Evolution

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 (341) 3550 - 350
fax: +49 (0341) 3550 - 399

e-mail: streiber@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information

Date / place of birth:7th October 1975, Linz
Citizenship: Austrian

Research Brief

I am a physical anthropologist with a primary research interest in palaeoanthropology. I study the evolution of developmental patterns. My aim is to understand what makes us human by comparing our own species with our closest living and fossil relatives.As fossils are usually found broken into many pieces, and only partially complete, a central topic of my work is the virtual reconstruction of fossils using computed tomographic scans. I am a specialist for fossil reconstruction, and the statistical analysis of shape — a set of methods called «geometric morphometrics». My publications explore different aspects of ontogenetic and phylogenetic shape changes — the evolution and development of the braincase and its «endocast», the evolution of the face, as well as subtle shape differences among teeth, and the bony labyrinth.


2013Habilitation at the Dept. of Anthropology,
University of Vienna, Austria.
Thesis title: Evolution & Development of the hominin skull.
2005 Ph.D. (doctor rerum naturalium) at the Department of Anthropology,
University of Vienna, Austria (with honors).
Thesis title: Statistical and geometric reconstruction of hominid crania: reconstructing australopithecine ontogeny,
supervised by G.W. Weber, F.L. Bookstein and H. Seidler.
2001Master’s Degree (Mag. rer. nat.) in Anthropology
at the Institute for Human Biology (now Dept. of Anthropology), University of Vienna, Austria (with honors).
Thesis title: Using Semilandmarks on surfaces and curves in three dimensions to model human neurocranial shape,
supervised by H. Seidler and F.L. Bookstein.

Current Academic Positions

Since 2015 Senior Scientist (W2) - Research Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Leipzig, Germany.
Since 2011Associate Professor (Status-Only Appointment),
Department of Anthropology,
University of Toronto, Canada.
Since 2001Lecturer,
Department of Anthropology;
University of Vienna — Austria.

Past Academic Positions

2007–2015Research Fellow,
Department of Human Evolution,
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Leipzig, Germany.

Postdoctoral Marie Curie Fellow
at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Department of Human Evolution,
Leipzig, Germany.

2005Post-Doc Stipend
at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Department of Human Evolution,
Leipzig, Germany.
2004–2005Ph.D. research fellowship
funded by a grant of the Ministry of Culture Science & Education Austria,
and the Austrian Council for Science and Technology.
2001–2004Ph.D. research fellowship
funded by the project «Parameterised reference models forhominoid skulls»,
the Austrian Science Foundation (FWF).

Teaching Experience

at the «International Max Planck Research School» in Leipzig.
  • Advanced topics in geometric morphometrics (graduate seminar)
  • Multivariate statistics (graduate seminar)
  • Virtual Anthropology (graduate level lecture)
  • Plio-Pleistocenes hominins (graduate level lecture)
  • The first humans (graduate level lecture)

University of Vienna

  • The evolution of hominids
  • Virtual Anthropology
  • Human Evo·Devo: The evolution of human development
  • Multivariate Statistics for Biologists
  • Techniques of Scientific Presentation
1999-2005Teaching assistant,
Introduction to Human Biology,
University of Vienna.

Workshop Teaching

  • Morphometrics Workshop,
    La Plata, Argentina,
    June 2013
  • Geometric Morphometrics Summer School,
    July 2006 & 2008
  • Dental Tissues Workshop,
    September 2006
  • Advanced Imaging Tools,
    November 2007
  • Craniofacial Growth & Development,
    May 2008
  • EVAN Toolbox workshops,
    Vienna, October 2010;
    Leipzig September 2011 & March 2012
  • Geometric Morphometrics Workshop,
    November 2010

Workshop & Conference Organisation

  • European Society for the Study of Human Evolution (ESHE),
    Inaugural meeting 2011,
  • Human Evo·Devo - Konrad Lorenz Institute Altenberg,
    September 2009.
    With Philipp Mitteröcker.
  • Marie Curie Fellow meeting (RT N E VA N),
    July 2007,

Academic Awards & Recognitions

2014ISI Higly Cited Researcher Thompson Reuters Essential Science Indicators (http://highlycited.com)
2006 Poster prize,
150 years of Neanderthal discoveries conference,
2000Student prize for best oral presentation,
European Anthropological Association,


2001-Member of the Paleoanthropological Research Team;
fieldwork in the Ethiopian Galili-Region.

Research Grants

2010MaxNet Cognition:
Phenotypic analysis of 1000 human brains:
47 000 €
2008 Minerva Foundation Research Grant (with Alon Barash):
Virtual reconstruction of fossil crania
2004-2007Austrian Council for Science and Technology
New Perspectives in Anthropological Studies (PI Horst Seidler).
Co-PI on the geometric morphometrics section: 522 000 €
2001, 2004Travel Grants of the "Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft".

Invited Talks & Academic Lectures

January 2017Genderperspektiven in der Medizin, Leipzig
November 2016Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena
October 2016Collège de France, Paris
March 2016Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, Cologne
October 2015Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt
September 2014Keynote lecture German Society of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (DGKJ Jahrestagung)
April 2014 American Association of Physical Anthropologists’ Annual Meeting, Invited Symposium, Calgary
June 2013Center for Organismal Systems Biology, Vienna
June 2013Morphometrics Workshop, La Plata
March 2013Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires, Paris
October 2012Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana, Burgos
March 2012Zoom Museum for Children, Vienna
February 2012Natural History Museum, Paris
February 2012Senckenberg Museum, Görlitz
March 2011Natural History Museum, Paris
November 2010University of Zürich
November 2010University of Tübingen
April 2010Institut Pasteur, Paris
April 2010Natural History Museum, Paris
November 2009Medical University, Leiden
November 2009Keynote, Graduation Day MPI CBG, Dresden
November 2009Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna
September 2009Wellcome Trust, Cambridge
April 2009Natural History Museum, Paris
January 2009Croation Academy of Sciences, Zagreb
December 2008University of Vienna
March 2008Neurospin
July 2008"Morphofest 2008" Vienna
October 2007Harvard University, Cambridge
May 2007Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv (Rehovot)
July 2006"Morphofest 2006" Vienna 


2013-Board member European Society for the Study of Human Evolution (ESHE)
2012-2015Editorial Board, Journal of Human Evolution
2011-Editorial Board, Human Origins Research
2005-2007Elected representative for the fellows (graduate students and postdocs) of the Marie Curie Research Training Network "EVAN"
2002Student member of the «Habilitation» committee for Prof. Hermann Prossinger, University of Vienna

Referee for Journals

  • Annals of Anatomy
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology
  • American Journal of Human Biology
  • American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics
  • Current Biology
  • Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
  • Journal of Anatomy
  • Journal of Human Evolution
  • Nature
  • Nature Communications
  • PLoS One
  • Palaeontologia Electronica
  • PNAS
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society B·Systematic Biology
  • The Anatomical Record
  • Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa

Computer Programming Experience

  • Mathematica & «R»
  • In collaboration with Philipp Mitteröcker, Univ. of Vienna, I have developed an extensive toolkit for geometric morphometric data processing, multivariate analysis and visualization.

Contributions to Exhibitions in Museums

  • Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien
  • Haus der Archäologie & Geschichte, Chemnitz
  • Technisches Museum Wien
  • Neanderthal Museum, Mettmann
  • Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt
  • «EVAN Exhibit» at the Max Planck Institute, Leipzig
  • Wissenschaftssommer 2008 Leipzig