23.04.2021 - 17:29
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Project Members

  • Betty Litamahuputty
  • Margaret Florey (Monash University, Australia) 
  • Michael Ewing (Melbourne University, Australia) 
  • Simon Musgrave (Monash University, Australia) 
  • Nikolaus Himmelmann, (Ruhr-Universitt Bochum, Germany)

Endangered Moluccan Languages: Eastern Indonesia & the Dutch diaspora

This project aimed to document five previously undescribed languages: Allang (Ambon Island), Haruku (Haruku Island), the language spoken in the villages of Amahei, Makariki, Ruta, and Soahuku (Seram Island), Nusalaut (Nusalaut Island), and the language spoken in the villages of Tenga-Tenga, Tial, Tulehu, Liang and Waai (Ambon Island). A cross-linguistic analysis of several grammatical aspects of Central Moluccan languages  also drew on four previously documented languages (Alune, Buru, Larike, Nuaulu).