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Anna Siewierska Memorial Workshop
Anna Siewierska Memorial Workshop (April 27, 2012)

Date: Friday 27th April 2012

Place: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany)

Organized by:

  • Martin Haspelmath (with Dik Bakker)

Workshop manager:

  • Claudia Schmidt (MPI EVA)


Short description:

This workshop, held in memory of the eminent typologist Anna Siewierska (1955-2011), brings together some of her colleagues from the typology community, who will report on their current work, relating it to Anna Siewierska's findings and ideas. At the end of the working session, there will be a one-hour remembrance session. Anyone is welcome to attend the workshop and to participate in the remembrance session.



  • Dik Bakker
  • Bernard Comrie
  • Martin Haspelmath
  • Greville Corbett
  • Andrej Kibrik
  • Sonia Cristofaro
  • Andrej Malchukov
  • Christian Lehmann
  • Volker Gast
  • Johanna Nichols
  • Ekkehard König
  • Balthasar Bickel
  • Matthew Baerman

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