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Deixis questionnaire

The author describes the purpose of their questionnaire as follows: It is generally acknowledged that perception of and orientation in space are determinant factors in human action and interaction. As such, speech heavily depends on knowledge of the context: Where and When is a sentence uttered, and by Whom. These three dimensions are traditionally seen as the so-called deictic centre of all linguistic events, without which no linguistic expression can be properly interpreted.

With deixis we mean here all cues provided by a language that localise a speech event and its participants (Speaker, Hearer and narrated participant) in space and time. Anderson and Keenan (1985) distinguish three major categories of deixis: person deixis, spatial deixis and temporal deixis. The category linking social and psychological factors is tentatively labelled 'psychological' deixis.

This questionnaire explores these questions in a manner directed at determining the typology of deixis in the languages of East Nusantara.

The questionnaires

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Developed by
Aone van Engelenhoven for the 2000 East Nusantara Linguistics Workshop, workshop on deixis