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Typological tools for field linguistics


Questionnaires relating to Phonological and Grammatical Domains in Languages

These questionnaires were developed by the AUTOTYP project. AUTOTYP is a large-scale research program with goals in both quantitative and qualitative typology. In quantitative typology, it is interested in detecting and explaining geographical distributions of typological features and in producing statistical estimates of universal preferences as well as of genealogical inheritance and areal diffusion potentials. In qualitative typology, it aims at a systematic analysis of the kinds of variation found in various typological domains. Two questionnaires are provided, one on phonological domains and the other on grammatical domains. The project and the role of the questionnaires is explained on the project website.

The questionnaires
Phonological Domains (Appendix)
Grammatical Domains

Developed by
The AUTOTYP research program for typological databasing was founded and is administered by Balthasar Bickel (University of Zurich) and Johanna Nichols (University of California,Berkeley).