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Kristian Roncero [ro̞nˈθe̞ɾo̞]

Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 341 3550 873
e-mail: kristian_roncero@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Main grants and awards
Main project collaborations
Other academic roles
Outreach talks
Interviews in Press


2015-2019PhD in Linguistics. University of Surrey (Guildford, UK).
2016-2017Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Learning and Teaching. University of Surrey (Guildford, UK)
2014-2015MA in Linguistics. University of the Basque Country (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain).
2013-2014MA in Applied Linguistics: Description, Literacy and Translation. University of León (León, Spain)
2012-2013Course on Belarusian Philology. Brest State Universty (Brest, Belarus).
2007-2012BA in Translation and Interpreting. University of the Basque Country (Vitoria-Gasteiz).
International Exchange
2015 Jan-MayErasmus + (MA). Paris-IV Sorbonne (Paris, France).
2010-2011International Exchange (BA). Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia).
2009-2019Erasmus (BA). Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań, Poland).

Main grants and awards

Jun 2019 -
May 2021
Endangered Language Documentation Project. Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (IPF-00189)
Jan 2016Belarusian Charity (UK). Fieldwork grant.
Dec 2015Philological Society of Great Britain. Fieldwork grant
Dec 2015Guilchrist Educational Trust. Fieldwork grant.
Oct 2015-
Sept 2018
University of Surrey, FASS PhD Grant. Awarded the only Tuition fees & stipend grant for the entire faculty

University teaching experience

Aug 2021

Summer School of Caucasian Studies:

· Introduction to Caucasian Linguistics

· Research Methods

Department of Caucasian and Slavic languages, FSU (Jena, Germany).

2020-2021 Winter S.

Dialekte des Russischen (WS2020-180897RusDial). Department of Caucasian and Slavic languages, FSU (Jena, Germany).

Visiting lecturing

May 2020

AMU, Poznan (Poland) Language Documentation MA Seminar

Jan 2020

MPI-SHH, Jena (Germany) Introduction to Biomolecular Archeology, IMPRS/PhD seminar.

Jul 2019Department of Caucasian and Slavic languages, FSU-Jena
MA Slavic Research Seminar.


Roncero, K. (2022). A very unpredictable ‘person’: A corpus-based approach to suppletion in West Polesian. Russian Journal of Linguistics, 26(1), 116-138.
Open Access    DOI    BibTeX   Endnote   

Roncero, K. (2021). Gakvarian Chamalal (Dagestan and Chechnya) - language snapshot. Language Documentation and Description, 20, 64-74.
Open Access    BibTeX   Endnote   

Roncero, K. (2021). Revisiting numeral phrases in East Slavic: Insights from West Polesian. The Slavonic and East European Review, 99(4), 601-646.
DOI    BibTeX   Endnote   

Roncero, K. (2019-ongoing). An audiovisual corpus of Chamalal, a language of Dagestan. Preservica/ELAR. Available at: https://elar.soas.ac.uk/Collection/MPI1234834

Roncero, K. [In Press]. Gakvarian Chamalal: a brief grammar sketch. In: KORYAKOV, Y. & MAISAK, T. The Caucasian Languages. An International Handbook (vol. II). De Gruyter Mouton (HSK Series).

Roncero, K. (2019). A Typological Approach to West Polesian Morphology and Syntax. University of Surrey, FASS [PhD Thesis].

Roncero, K. (2016). Working paper on the vocative in West Polesian. In: GUSAKOV, V. G., ed. Problemy racional´nogo ispol´zovanija prirodnyx resursov i ustoičivoe razvitie Poles´ja (vol. II), pp. 672-676.

Calderón, J. R., Marlett, S., Morales, N., Roncero, K., Tomé-Catalán, B. (2014). Un viaje en cayuco: Fonología del fa d'Ambö. In Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota Session, Vol. 54 (2014)


Morphosyntactic feature values in the penumbra: Insights from the adnumerative.  PhilSoc Early Career Research Forum 08-09/03/2019. Wolfson College, U. of Oxford (Oxford, UK). [Winner of a presenter grant]

West Polesian future tense: a trip through European future grams. LAGB Annual Meeting, 11-14/09/2018. U. of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK). [Winner of a presenter grant]

West Polesian pronominal numerals: the emergence of a category. 3rd ‘Belarusian Studies in the 21st Century’ Conference, 23-03-2018. UCL (London, UK).

The morphosyntactic nature of the adnumerative. Insights from West Polesian (Poster). 12th ALT Meeting, 10-15/12/2017. ANU (Canberra, Australia).

Overabundant suppletion in West Polesian. The case of the noun 'year'.  ALS 48th Annual Meeting 04-07/12/2017. U. of Sydney (Sydney, Australia).

The Status of the Adnumerative in West Polesian". LAGB Annual Meeting, 04-07/09/2017. U. of Kent (Canterbury, UK).

Why West Polesians have the most original anniversaries in Europe? or the challenges of suppletion. ShefLing Annual PG Conference, 23-24/03/2017. U. of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK).

Community outcomes and social media

Discover Chamalal
(Blog) https://discoverchamalal.wordpress.com/
(YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFjyandRq5fc8_b9nI7U5gw
(Twitter/Instagram) #DiscoverChamalal

West Polesian Fieldwork
(Blog) https://westpolesian.wordpress.com/
(YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxP9ybNZCmwBIATLycm8Cg
(Twitter) #WestPolesian


RONCERO, K (2020). Fieldwork Session Planner (v.2). DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3835660

Main project collaborations

2019-PresentLexCauc. Section of Caucasus Studies, FSU-Jena (Jena, Germany). (CIs: Oleg Belaev, Diana Forker). [Available at: https://www.kaukasiologie.uni-jena.de/research/current+projects]
2020-PresentOptatives in the Caucasus in typological perspective. Linguistic Convergence Laboratory , HSE University. (CI: Nina Dobrushina, HSE Moscow).
2013-2014Description of Fa d’Ambö (Portuguese-based-creole, Equatorial Guinea) University of León (León, Spain). (CI: Stephen Marlett).

Other academic roles

2017-2018LAGB Student Committee Member. Linguistics Association of Great Britain.
Reviewing funding applications for conferences; organising the 2018 Summer School; and coordinating the blog.
2017-2018Student mentoring programme. University of Surrey (Guildford, UK)
Mentoring first year PhD students new to university and academia
Jun-Jul 2017,
June 2018  
Outreach advocates. University of Surrey (Guildford, UK)
Giving a general introduction to Linguistics (especially Fieldwork/ Descriptive Linguistics) and my research to 16-18-year-old high-schoolers from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Outreach talks

Meet the Chamalal. Caucasian Cultural Evening, 12/12/2019, FSU-Jena (Jena, Germany).

Hunting for the gem of the marshes. Experiences from fieldwork in Western Polesie. Mother Language Day, 10/03/2018 [Plenary talk], Anglo-Belarusian Society (London, UK).

Preserving Endangered Languages: A study of West Polesian. Discoveries on your Doorstep: Connecting Societies and Cultures, 02/03/ 2017 [Plenary talk], University of Surrey (Guildford, UK).

Dasledavanne na Palesé! Luninec School Nº, 10/02/2017. (Luninec, Belarus).

Z Baskix hor da Paleskix Balot. Zaharoddze (Academic-Civil Society of Western Polesie), 11/06/2016 (Minsk, Belarus).

Language Diversity: who cares about it? 01/03/2016 Baranavičy State University (Baranavičy, Belarus).