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LuiKotale Study site

Field work in LuiKotale is directed by Gottfried Hohmann and Barbara Fruth. Since 2017 the project is financed by the Center for Research and Conservation Antwerp and other external sources. The site is close to the Western border of Salonga National Park and belongs to the largest remaining forest tract on the African continent. LuiKotale was established in 2002 and is used by international teams of researchers and students ever since. Two groups of bonobos are habituated and tolerate the presence of researchers, which facilitates daily observations and non-invasive collection of samples for physiological studies. In 2016, the research site has been expanded and habituation of a third community is ongoing. With this setting, we can move on from behavioral studies on a single individual and their links to other community members, to explore the social relations across the community border.