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Current staff

David Beaune

  • post-doc
  • Consumption, dispersal and germination of seeds: the role of bonobos in the ecosystem of the Congo basin


Verena Behringer

  • postdoc
  • Live history patterns of bonobos and chimpanzees and their relation to modern humans


Zanna Clay

  • post-doc
  • Vocal communication in bonobos: insights into the evolution of language


Heidi Douglas

  • PhD student
  • female bonobo reproductive strategies and mate choice


Barbara Fruth

  • senior scientist


Lucas Goldstone

  • MSC
  • food competition in male bonobos


Gottfried Hohmann

  • group leader and supervisor of the bonobo research group


Paul Kuchenbuch

  • PhD student
  • Development of Gestural Communication in Bonobos in the Wild


Sean Lee

  • PhD student
  • development and maturation of wild bonobos


Liza Moscovice

  • post doc
  • endocrine correlates of social bonding and cooperation in female bonobos


Musuyu Muganza

  • PhD student
  • nutritional and pharmacological properties of wild forest plants


Niina Nurmi

  • PhD student
  • costs and benefits of sociality in wild female bonobos


Gilbert Ramos

  • PhD student
  • Positional Behavior of Pan paniscus at Lui Kotale


Isaac Schamberg

  • PhD student
  • Vocal Communication in Wild Bonobos


Martin Surbeck

  • post doc
  • Intersexual relationships in bonobos (Pan paniscus), a multi-male multi-female society with male-female co-dominance


Current research assistants

  • Nono Bondjengo: research assistant
  • Laura Inigo: research assistant 
  • Esperance Miezi: camp and research administration Luikotale
  • Michele Mignini: research assistant
  • Matthis Petit: research assistant
  • Matthew Stritch: research assistant
  • Rudolphe Violleau: research assistant
  • Leanne Van der Weyde: research assistant

Former research assistants (2010-2013)

  • Chloe Bourson
  • Kati Castadi
  • Heather Cohen
  • Max Koelbl
  • Gaby Kitengi
  • Noemie Lamon
  • Tim Lewis-Bale
  • Robin Loveridge
  • Pete Massey   
  • Jonathan Merkle
  • Simon-Pierre Ndimbo
  • Juan Ortega
  • Charlotte Payne
  • Lucie Raveaux
  • Amandine Renaud
  • Wilson Scherer
  • Kathrine Steward
  • Osamu Terao
  • Robin Thiessen-Bock
  • Pauline Toni
  • Sonja Trautmann
  • Bastian van der Veer
  • Marc van Zyl
  • Jakob Villioth
  • Ian Warrington