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                                          Tortoises on the menu! 

Wild chimpanzees eat tortoises after cracking them open against tree trunks
Press release
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Updates from camp:

  • As part of our new quarantine procedures at the Ozouga camp, a wooden cabin has been constructed as a transit between the forest and the camp. All clothes and shoes used in the forest are confined to this hut as a means to reduce contamination risks between humans and chimpanzees.
  • We have a new PhD candidate, Lara Southern, joining us this year to study the communicative interactions of the Rekambo males with a special focus on how this unique environment may have shaped communicative complexity and individual profiles.

Recent publications:

  • Pika, S., Klein, H., Bunel, S., Baas, P., Theleste, E., Deschner, T. 2019. Wild chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) exploit tortoises (Kinixys erosa) via percussive technology. Scientific Reports, 9 (1)
  • Estienne, V. L., Robira, B., Mundry, R., Deschner, T., & Boesch, C. (2019). Acquisition of a complex extractive technique by the immature chimpanzees of Loango National Park, Gabon. Animal Behaviour,147, 61-76.