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Rekambo community

As of 2019, the Rekambo community consists of about 47 individuals including, seven adult males, 17 adult females, six adolescent males, four adolescent females and a number of juveniles and infants.

The territory of the community

The territory of the Rekambo chimpanzee community is located in the west of the Loango National Park, extending inwards from the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. It stretches over 30 km2 and includes a diverse range of habitats. On the map below you can see our base camp: Ozouga. Each morning and evening we use a system of trails to navigate our way through the study area, most of these trails are actually natural paths created over the years by the movements of forest elephants.

Video footage of some interesting chimpanzee behaviors

This is Gia, a juvenile female who sometimes likes to take a dip and splash around in a shallow pool. 

Chimpanzees will go a long way to get some honey! In this case he wasn't sucessful and flees when the angry bees come out of their nest!