06.04.2020 - 21:48
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Research at Loango

Current projects focus on:

  • Ecological and social correlates of communication
  • Genetic and behavioral endocrinology
  • Health and disease prevention/monitoring
  • Intercommunity interactions
  • Predation
  • Tool use and cooperation
  • Biomonitoring with camera traps

Throughout the history of the project, we have contributed to the establishment and implementation of new methods for research and conservation. We aim to continue with innovative research projects that apply new tools to field research concerning endangered species. The camera trap data are of significant value to the conservation efforts of many endangered species throughout the park. Our video footage, from camera traps dispersed across the study site, contribute to the growing database of the Pan African program (PanAF) through the Chimp&See project. This initiative aims to raise public awareness about wildlife conservation. 

Take a look.. you might even catch a glimse of some of the Rekambo chimps! 


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