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Department of Primatology

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

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Ammie Kalan

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Department of Primatology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig, Germany

phone: +49 341 3550 205
e-mail: ammie_kalan@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Research Interests
Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My primary research interest lies in animal communication and signalling behaviour. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher, investigating chimpanzee communicative behaviour within a cultural framework to contribute to our understanding of the behavioural flexibility of these animals. This work is conducted as part of the Pan African Programme: The Cultured Chimpanzee. My doctoral thesis investigated wild chimpanzee acoustic communication, where I also helped to develop a novel method for using vocalizations and auditory signals as a monitoring tool for primates living in a tropical rainforest. I continue to be interested in bridging the gap between behavioural research and applied conservation and hope to continue working on non-invasive monitoring methods.

Curriculum Vitae



PhD Biology 

International Leipzig School of Human Origins
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology & University of Leipzig

Dissertation: “The socio-ecological context of chimpanzee acoustic communication and its potential for biomonitoring”. Supervised by Prof. Boesch and Dr. Kühl.


MSc. Primate Conservation
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK

Distinction for thesis titled “Feeding and nesting ecology of the western lowland gorilla in the Lac Télé Community Reserve, Republic of Congo”


BSc . Animal Biology

University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada

Work and Field Experience


Lac Télé Community Reserve, Republic of Congo

Principal Investigator - Conducted field work for my MSc dissertation which included vegetation sampling, wild gorilla tracking, analyzing gorilla fecal samples, and recording direct and indirect feeding observations.


Proyecto Carey, Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Field Research Assistant - Collected behavioural, demographic and botanical data for a project investigating the role of frugivores in rainforest regeneration.


Mountainview Conservation and Breeding Center, Fort Langley BC, Canada

Keeper’s Aid - Assisted keepers with cleaning, feeding and enrichment for a variety of species. Also helped with maintenance, administration, and funding at the facility.


ECL Envirowest Consultants Ltd., Burnaby BC, Canada

Field Assistant - Assisted project biologist with field work to assess the environmental impact on natural ecosystems at proposed development sites in the lower mainland of BC.


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Kalan, Ammie, Mundry, R. and Boesch, C. February 2015. Chimpanzee food calls: the effects of socio-ecological context on structure and production. Presentation at the 14th Conference of the Gesellschaft für Primatologie. Leipzig, Germany. (1st prize for student presentation).

Kalan, Ammie and Hjalmar Kuehl. February 2013. Passive acoustic monitoring of primates in Tai forest: a novel approach. Invited speaker for primate conservation seminar series at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK.

Kalan, Ammie and Christophe Boesch. September 2013. Wild chimpanzees modify food calls with respect to type and quantity. Presentation at the 5th Congress of the European Federation for Primatology. Antwerp, Belgium.


Club P.A.N.(Personnes, Animaux et Nature): http://clubpan.blogspot.com/

Wild Chimpanzee Foundation: http://www.wildchimps.org

A.P.E.S Database: http://apes.eva.mpg.de/