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Department of Primatology

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 (341) 3550 - 200
fax: +49 (341) 3550 - 299

Curriculum Vitae


2015 Master degree in Environmental Sciences
University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, and
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany.

Thesis title: "Validating camera trapping and capture-recapture methods for estimating chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) densities"

Supervisors: Dr. Hjalmar Kühl (MPI-EVA, iDiv) and Dr. Pierre Drapeau (CEF-UQAM)
2010 Bachelor degree in Wildlife management
University of Quebec in Rimouski, Canada

Research and Field Experience

2014-2015 Validating the use of camera trapping to estimate chimpanzee densities,
Taï Chimpanzee Project, MPI-EVA, CEF-UQAM.

Field work in Taï National Park (Ivory Coast)
2013 Phylogenetic analysis of primate plant consumption,
McGill University.
2012 Genetic survey of Avahi laniger in the Ambodiriana Forest, Madagascar.
Association de Défense de la Forêt d’Ambodiriana (ADEFA).

Camp manager and biomonitoring coordinator in Ambodiriana Forest, Madagascar.
2011 Sexual strategies and hiding behavior in captive long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis).
Biomedical Primate Research Center, Utrecht University, Netherlands.


Taï Chimpanzee Project
(Research project on chimpanzee behavior, ecology and conservation in Taï National Park, Ivory Coast)

Wild Chimpanzee Foundation
(NGO working on the conservation of West African mammals in Ivory Coast, Guinea, and Liberia)

Chimp & See
(Citizen-science platform with camera trap videos from across Africa)