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Städele, V., & Vigilant, L. (2016). Strategies for determining kinship in wild populations using genetic data. Ecology and Evolution, 6(17), 6107-6120.
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Städele, V., Pines, M., Swedell, L., & Vigilant, L. (2016). The ties that bind: Maternal kin bias in a multilevel primate society despite natal dispersal by both sexes. American Journal of Primatology, 78(7), 731-744.
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Städele, V. (2016). Population genetic structure of wild Hamadryas baboons at Filoha, Ethiopia. PhD Thesis, Universität Leipzig, Leipzig.
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Städele, V., Vigilant, L., & Swedell, L. (2015). Female friendships in a 'non-female-bonded' cercopithecine: Genetic correlates of sociality and female choice in hamadryas baboons. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 156(S60), 295-295.
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Städele, V., Swedell, L., & Vigilant, L. (2015). Patterns of philopatry and dispersal in a multilevel primate society. Talk presented at GfP Tagung; 14. Tagung der Gesellschaft für Primatologie. Leipzig. 2015-02-11 - 2015-02-13.
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Städele, V., Van Doren, V., Pines, M., Swedell, L., & Vigilant, L. (2015). Fine-scale genetic assessment of sex-specific dispersal patterns in a multilevel primate society. Journal of Human Evolution, 78, 103-113.
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