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  Elena Lieven   Curriculum Vitae 

Curriculum Vitae

Date of Birth: 18th August 1947

Nationality: British



1958-63 More House School, London
1963-65 City of Westminster College, London
1966-74 University of Cambridge, New Hall 



1969 B.A. Hons. (Cambridge)
1980 Ph.D. (Cambridge)


Membership of Professional Bodies

International Society for the Study of Child Language; British Psychological Society
Editorial Board, Journal of Child Language


Journal Editorship

1996 -2005 Journal of Child Language



2008-2011 International Association for the Study of Child Language



1974 - 79 Lecturer, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge
1979 - Department of Psychology, University of Manchester
1979-1994 Lecturer
1995-1997 Senior Lecturer
1997-2000 Reader in Psychology
1998 - unpaid leave
1998 - Senior Scientist (C3), Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
Director, Max Planck Child Study Centre, University of Manchester
1999 - Honorary Professor for Child Language Development, University of Leipzig
2000 - Professor, University of Manchester


Visiting appointments etc

1979 Visiting Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Holland
1984 Visiting Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Holland
1988 Visiting Professor, Department of Developmental Psychology, University of Barcelona
1989 Visiting Professor, Department of Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
1996 Visiting Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, Holland
1997 Visiting Professor, Institute of Human Development, University of California, Berkeley
1998 Visiting Professor, Department of Psychology, La Trobe University, Melbourne
2000 Invited by the ESRC to provide an Overview of the ‘Knowledge and Learning’ theme




Fieldwork study in West Sepik district of Papua New Guinea.
This study was partially funded by the Horniman Trust (£600).
Subject of study: The Linguistic and Social Environment of Young Children in a New Guinea Society

1986-88 Research Support Grant by the University of Manchester (2 years support for a research assistant). 
Title of grant: Individual differences in early language development
1993-95 ESRC Grant (R000234221) £52,780  Investigators: J.Pine & E. Lieven
held at Nottingham University
Title of grant: Stylistic variation in children's single and early multi-word speech.
1994-95 ESRC grant (R000221285) £30,250  Investigators: E. Lieven & J.Pine
held at Manchester University
Title of grant: The relevance of positional patterns to the development of grammatical categories.
1995-98 ESRC grant (R000236393)  £183,600  Investigators: E. Lieven & J.Pine
Held jointly at Manchester and Nottingham
Title of grant: The development of grammatical categories
1999-2001 ESRC grant (R000237911)  £156,796  Investigators: E. Lieven & J.Pine
Held jointly at Manchester and Nottingham
Title of grant: Grammatical category development and its relation to lexical specificity in mothers’ speech
1999-2001 ESRC grant (R000237767) £134,238 Investigators: G. Conti-Ramsden, E. Lieven & J.Pine
Held in Department of Education, Manchester
Title of grant: The acquisition of verbs and verb morphology in children with Specific Language Impairment
ESRC(2000): Contrasting syntactic and limited scope accounts of early grammar in  children with SLI.  Conti-Ramsden (PI), Lieven & Pine [£79,808]
DOBES project: Linguistic and ethnographic documentation of Chintang and Puma: two endangered Kiranti languages in Nepal Grant awarded to B.Bickel, University of Leipzig: Consultant on language acquisition: fieldtrips: Feb-March 2004, March, 2005. (with Sabine Stoll (MPI-Leipzig)
2004-2006, extended to 2008. Now supported by the Dilthey Foundation grant to Sabine Stoll, the departments of Linguistics and Psychology at MPI-EVA and the Linguistics Institute of the University of Leipzig.


Ph.D. students

Past: C. Henshall (Cambridge), T. Wood (Mcr) , M. Yamin-Esfandiari (Mcr), M. Johnston (Mcr), J. Pine (Mcr), G. Hutcheson (Mcr), T. Liggett (Mcr), M. Jones (Mcr), A. Theakston (Mcr), J. Lloyd (Mcr), Thea Cameron-Faulkner (Mcr), Ceri Savage (Mcr), K. Abbot-Smith (Mcr), J. Chen (Mcr), G.Macrory (Mcr), J. Edwards (Mcr), B.Ambridge (Mcr),  R.Maslen (Mcr), D. Matthews (Mcr), A. Henning (Lpz), A. Chan (Lpz), G. Krajewski (Mcr), M. Kirjavainen (Mcr), S. Brandt (Basle), D. Salomo (Lpz), L. Fontaine (Mcr), M. Dittmar (Lpz), E. Wyman (Lpz & Mcr), G. Hauser (Lpz & Mcr),
Current: Eileen Graf (Mcr), Paul Ibbotson (Mcr), , T. Grünloh (Lpz), Barbara Stumper (Lpz), Bianca Junge (Mcr), Keith Austin (Mcr), Sarah Girlich (Lpz), Daniel Schmerse (Lpz)
(since 1998):
D. Salomo (Lpz), K, Hummel (Lpz), A. Endesfelder (Lpz), W. Binder (Lpz), K. Wolter (Lpz), L. Jorschick (Lpz), D. Langner (Lpz), A. McCormick (Mcr), R. Ashworth (MRes, Mcr)
External examiner (from 2002): Psychology, University of Nottingham (2002), Psychology, University of Nottingham (2004), Psychology, University of Lincoln (Jan 2008), English Linguistics, University of Basel (Sept. 2008), Linguistics, University of Amsterdam (Dec 2008), Psychology, University of Edinburgh (June 2009), University of Groningen (Oct.2009)


Teaching (from 2006)

  • LOT: PhD Graduate School in Linguistics: January 2006
  • Leipzig Spring School in Linguistics: (with Sabine Stoll) Crosslinguistic approaches to language acquisition, Spring School, Leipzig (20-24th March) March 2006
  • Lecture course for PhD students on language development, University of Budapest, December, 2006.
  • Lecture and seminar: Usage-based accounts of first language acquisition, Summer School 2007 "First Language Acquisition". September, 3-7, 2007, Basel
  • Leipzig Spring School in Linguistics:  (31st March – 4th April 2008)
  • Lecture on crosscultural and crosslinguistic approaches to language acquisition Basle (3rd Nov, 2008)
  • EMLAR ("Experimental methods in language acquisition research") workshop.Utrecht (8th Nov, 2008.)


Lectures, seminars, symposia from 2003


‘Form and function in the development of the English auxiliary’. Paper presented at the Georgetown University Roundtable, February, 2003

Invited speaker ‘Creating linguistic abstractions: naturalistic data’. Workshop on Language Acquisition, Munich, March, 2003.

‘The interrelation of memory and categorisation in early English syntactic combinations’. Paper presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Tampa, April 2003.

Symposium Convenor: ‘Processing and production approaches to children’s language development’. Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Tampa, April 2003.

‘A production model for creativity in early multiword utterances’. Paper presented at the Society for Research in Child Development Biennial Meeting, Tampa, April 2003.

Invited keynote address: ‘Developing grammar: the roles of form, function and frequency’.  Child Language Seminar, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July, 2003.

‘Moving from lexically-specific to more abstract constructions’ (with Ewa Dabrowską). Paper presented at the 8th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Logroño, July, 2003

Symposium Convenor: ‘Syntactic development within a cognitive linguistic framework’. 8th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Logroño, July, 2003.


Invited keynote address: 39th Linguistics Colloquium: ‘Accounting for similarities and differences in children’s language development’. Variation in Linguistic Theory and Language Acquisition, Amsterdam, August 2004.

‘The acquisition of wh-questions: a survey of our recent research’. Paper presented to Workshop on Questions, ZAS-MPI linguistic meeting, October 2004.

Invited keynote address: ‘Constructing language: the interplay between creativity and input.  Language, Nature and Culture: innate or acquired? Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut, Nordrhein-Westfalen, December 2004.


Invited address to the English language Faculty of Tribuhvan University, Kathmandu. ‘Studying child language development in a Kiranti Rai VDC’.

Invited seminar, Department of Psychology,. University of Salzburg, Austria

Symposium Convenor: ‘The development of complex syntax’.  XXth International Association for the Study of Child Language, Berlin, July, 2005.

‘A construction-based approach to the development of question syntax’. Paper presented at the XXth International Association for the Study of Child Language, Berlin, July, 2005 (with Ewa Dąbrowska).

‘Lexical patterning in German and Russian CDS’. Paper presented at the XXth International Association for the Study of Child Language, Berlin, July, 2005 (with Sabine Stoll and Kirsten Abbot-Smith)

Invited address to Department of Developmental Psychology, Autonoma University, Madrid


Invited talk, ESRC workshop: “Bringing together anthropological and psychological methods in the study of cognitive development, LSE, London, January 2006.

Invited lecture course, LOT Ph.D winter school, Amsterdam, January 2006

Invited keynote address, International Conference on first and second language acquisition, Paris, January, 2006.

Invited seminar, Department of Psychology, University of Lancaster (February 2006).

Invited seminar, Department of Germanic languages, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (16th May)

Invited lecture, Congres Commissie conference on ‘Language’, Amsterdam (17-19th May)

Invited keynote lecture at the third Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic communication workshop, Rome, Italy, (30 Sept. - 1 Oct. 2006)

Invited debate: Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Quebec at Montreal (November 1st  2006) (with Susan Goldin-Meadow)

Invited keynote address: ‘Learning strings: A shortcut to grammar’ Symposium on statistical learning and language acquisition (December 2006, Budapest)


Invited seminar, Department of Linguistics, University of Lancaster (March 2007)

SRCD symposium (March 2007)

Invited keynote (with Bannard): ‘Building language from multiword formulas’ Conference on formulaic language Milwaukee (April 2007)

Invited plenary: ‘Building language from strings in the input’ Conference on VOcalisation, COmmunication, Imitation and Deixis in infant and adult human and non-human primates (Grenoble, May 2007)

Invited workshop participant and talk: ‘Language acquisition: Issues, data and models’. Advanced Studies Initiative meeting on language evolution (Nordwijk, Netherlands, June 2007)

Paper presented at ICLC: Producing novel multiword utterances (Krakow July 2007)

Invited paper: The entrenchment and analysis of strings in children’s grammar learning in Workshop: ‘Chunks in corpus linguistics and cognitive linguistics’ (Erlangen October 2007)

Paper presented at Boston University Child Language Conference (with Dittmar et al.) Young German children’s early syntactic competence: A preferential looking study. (November 2007)

Paper presented at the American Anthropological Association (with Stoll): Comparing the communicative environments of children in two cultures (Washington, DC, November)

Invited lecture: ‘Developing language competence in ontogeny: Building linguistic abstractions’  Academia Europaea & Fondation Singer-Polignac – Meeting on The Origin of Language (Paris, December 2007)


Invited seminar, School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield (May)

Invited Keynote, International Workshop “Frequency and Language Development” Bergische Universität, Wupperthal (June)

Invited seminar, Bielefeld (June)

Invited discussant, Symposium ‘Constructivist approaches to children’s errors’, International Association for the Study of Child Language, Triennial Conference   (Edinburgh, July)

Plenary, 39th Posnan Linguistic Meeting, (Posnan, Sept.)

Lectures and seminars in series: ‘Constructions – Collocations – Patterns’ (Munich and Erlangen, Oct.)

Lecture to Amsterdam Centre for Language and Communication (Amsterdam, Dec.)


Invited seminar (Bangor, January)

Paper presented at Workshop on Language Acquisition (Manchester, March)

Invited discussant for Symposium:   Society for Research in Child Development (Denver, April)

Paper presented at Child Language Workshop (Alston Hall, May)

Paper presented at Child Language Research Forum (Berkeley, July)

Invited talk, Anne Fernald’s group,( Stanford July)

Invited talk: ‘What to count when? The interaction between frequency measurements and children’s developing grammars, Linguistics (Groningen, November)

Discussant to the 2009Nijmegen lectures, (Morten Christensen) (The Netherlands, Dec.)


Seminar, Psychology, University of York (Feb.)

Invited talk: Center for the Study of Language and Society and the Berner Zirkel für Sprachwissenschaft (Bern, March)

Senior Colloquium, MPI-Nijmegen (April)

Invited speaker, Plenary symposium: European Society for Philosophy and Psychology: ‘Language acquisition: Emergent abstraction’ (August, Bochum)

Keynote speaker : German Cognitive Linguistics Society (Oct, Bremen)

Discussant: Workshop on the acquisition of ergativity (Leipzig, November)

Plenary speaker: Tools and Research based on Language Acquisition Corpora (Nov, Paris)


Invited speaker: Workshop ‘Communicative Development: A cross-linguistic, cross-cultural comparison’ (Jan. ,San Jose, Costa Rica,)

Invited speaker: International conference on ‘Variation in first and second language acquisition: comparative perspectives’ ( June, Paris)

Symposium organizer: Computational modelling of children's language development: Current successes and future directions


Keynote speaker: UK-Cognitive Linguistics Conference (Kings College, London, July)



Grant organizations: ESRC (UK); MRC (UK); Leverhulme (UK); NIH (USA); NSF (USA); Research Council of Norway; NWO (Netherlands Research Organisation); DFG (German Research Organisation); Agence National de la Recherche, France; Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong; European Research Council; Leverhilme (UK); Nuffield (UK); British Academy (UK)
Journals: JML; Cog.Sci.; Cog.Ling; Cognition; Dev. Psych; Ch.Dev; JCL; Cog. Dev., LLD, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition; TICS; PNAS; JSLHR; Psych.Sci.;