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Polina Shamraeva

Master student

Technological Primates Research Group
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 604103 Leipzig

Email: Polina_Shamraevaeva.mpgde
Office: B 2.34

Research Interests

I am a cognitive scientist pursuing my Master degree and working as a student research assistant at the Comparative BioCognition lab, University of Osnabrück. My academic interests revolve around cognitive neuroscience of language, comparative linguistics, gestural communication and tool use in nonhuman primates and paleoanthropology. Being a part of an independent Lise Meitner Technological Primates group, I am investigating the material record of a unique tortoise foraging behavior and related percussive activity in wild chimpanzees living in the Loango National Park, Gabon. My work will combine the diverse approaches from paleoarchaeology, anthropology and primatology. This study is an attempt to bridge the newly observed primate percussive technique and the archaeological assemblage that provides evidence of early hominin aquatic resource predatory patterns, which are well dated to 1.95 Ma.