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Workshop on Sri Lanka Malay

Workshop on Sri Lanka Malay


9:30- 9:45 Introduction

Session 1: Setting the stage

9:45-10:25 Peter Bakker
"How unique is Sri Lanka Malay? Recent work on SLM in the context of
language contact studies" [pdf]
10:25-11:05 Peter Slomanson
"Known, inferable, and discoverable in Sri Lankan Malay research" [pdf]
11:05-11:15 coffee break

Session 2: The Indonesian input

11:15-11:55 David Gil
"Malay/Indonesian dialect geography and the sources of Sri Lankan
Malay" [pdf]
11:55-12:35 Scott Paauw
"Language Contact Issues in the Development of the Lexicon of Sri Lanka Malay" [pdf]
12:35-13:30 Lunch

Session 3: The Lankan input

13:30-14:10 Mohamed Jaffar
"The Semantics of Verb-sequencing in Sri Lanka Malay" [pdf]
14:10-15:00 Ian Smith
"Hijacked constructions in untutored Second Language Acquisition:
implications for SLM" [pdf]
15:00-15:10 coffee break

Session 4: Present perspectives and global perspectives

15:10-15:50 Romola Rassool
"Studying contemporary usage of and attitudes to the SLM language: a
preliminary discussion" [pdf]
15:50-16:30 Sebastian Nordhoff
"The genesis of Sri Lanka Malay as a multi-layered process" [pdf]
16:30-17:30 final discussion

There will be additional contribution by Umberto Ansaldo ("Metatypy in Sri
Lanka Malay", [pdf]), which might necessitate some minor rearrangements of the

Download all abstracts: pdf