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Conference on COMPETING MOTIVATIONS (November 23-25, 2010)

Date: November 23-25, 2010 (Tuesday-Thursday)

Place: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany)

Organised by:

  • Andrej Malchukov (Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Edith Moravcsik (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (emerita))

Local organizer:

  • Claudia Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)


Short description:

We invite papers on the role of competing motivations in the emergence and use of linguistic structures from linguists, psychologists, and others working in related fields.


Invited speakers:

  • Bornkessel-Schlesewski, Ina:
    Cognitive attractors in language processing? Evidence from neurotypology [pdf]
  • Dressler, Wolfgang U.:
    Conflictual vs. convergent vs. interdependent motivations in morphology [pdf]
  • Du Bois, John:
    Competing to Cooperate: Motivating the Grammaticization of Complexity [pdf]
  • Haspelmath, Martin:
    On system pressure competing with economic motivation [pdf]
  • Hawkins, John:
    Competing motivations in grammar, performance and learning: common principles and patterns in three areas of language [pdf]
  • Heine, Bernd:
    Two Competing Systems: Sentence Grammar vs Discourse Grammar [pdf]
  • De Hoop, Helen:
    Conflicting constraints from grammar and beyond
  • MacWhinney, Brian:
    How competition works across time [pdf]
  • Müller, Gereon:
    Local domains for competition resolution
  • Newmeyer, Frederick:
    Where do motivations compete? [pdf]
  • Tomasello, Michael:
    Competing cues to transitivity in child language acquisition