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Linguistic Typology
August 15 - September 3, 2010

2nd LEipzig Students' COnference in Linguistics (LESCOL)


Time S 102 S 202 S 302
09:00-09:35   Alexandra Vydrina (St. Petersburg State University): Reflexive pronoun in Kakabe Jérémy Pasquereau (University Lumière Lyon 2): Spatial forms of nouns in Karata: spatial and non-spatial uses
09:40-10:15 Ander Martínez Egurcegui (University of the Basque Country): Sonorant and vowel metatheses in Basque Pekka Posio (University of Helsinki): Impersonal constructions in European Portuguese Saskia van Putten (Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen): Talking about motion in Avatime
10:20-10:55 Martin Kohlberger (University of Edinburgh): A Phonological Overview and and Analysis of Aspirated Stops in Central Highland Ecuadorian Quichua Nicholas Rolle (University of Toronto): Personal pronouns and reflexes of structure in Esan Olivia N. Sammons (University of Alberta): Towards a Typology of Direction
11:15-11:50 Helena Metslang (Tartu University / Tallinn University): How close are the Estonian partitive subjects and objects? Jan Křivan (Charles University in Prague): External Possession in Czech: Extending Semantic Properties of the Possessor Erika Sandman (University of Helsinki): Evidentiality in Wutun language
11:55-12:30 Maria Konoshenko (St. Petersburg State University): Indirect Object Marking in Kpelle: Dative Pronominals in an African Language Szilvia Sövegjártó (Friedrich Schiller University of Jena): Body-Part External Possession Constructions in Sumerian Maria Mazzoli (Padova University): An account for two serial verb constructions in Nigerian Pidgin: kom and tek
12:35-13:10 Sofia Oskolskaya (St. Petersburg State University): Cosubordination in Nanai Natalya Stoynova (Moscow State University): Repetition and (un)expectedness: semantic interaction cross-linguistically Katherine Bolaños Quiñónez (The University of Texas at Austin): Language Contact: a case study of Kakua, a language of Northwest Amazonia
14:30-15:05 Maria Sukhareva (Saarland University): Toward Implementation of Russian Agreement Phenomena in HPSG Susanne Vejdemo (Eastern Michigan University): How do semantic categories influence rates of cross-linguistic lexical change? Asohsi Melvice (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz): The nominal morphology of Obang deverbatives
15:10-15:45 Rachel Nye (Ghent University): The categorial status of Dutch and English hoe-/how- complement clauses Andres Karjus (University of Tartu): Estonian väli and Latvian lauks: Grammaticalization of Nouns into Adverbs of Place and Beyond. A Semantic Maps Approach Vera Wilhelmsen (Uppsala University): Tempus, aspect and mode in Mbugwe, a Bantu language of Tanzania
16:00-16:35 Ane Berro Urrizelki (University of the Basque Country): Unergative predicates in Basque varieties: consequences for the ergative case assignment Ghazaleh Vafaeian (Stockholm University): A Typological Investigation of Nominal and Adjectival Suppletion  

Call for abstracts

2nd LEipzig Students' COnference in Linguistics (LESCOL)

We invite students of linguistics to give talks dealing with research topics in any area of linguistics at the 2nd LEipzig Students' COnference in Linguistics (LESCOL) which will take place in the context of the DGfS-CNRS Summer School on Linguistic Typology (SSLT).

Organized by Fachschaftsrat Linguistik (Linguistics Student Association) LESCOL will take place 1st of September at the University of Leipzig, providing a great opportunity to present in the context of SSLT.

Talks will be 30 minutes plus 15 minutes for discussion and can be given in English (preferred), French or German.

Please send your proposals until May 31st. Your anonymous abstract should be no longer than one page (excluding references) and in pdf- or doc-format. Please indicate your name, the title of your talk and your home university in the body of the e-mail. Abstracts will be reviewed by a group of advanced-level students appointed by the Fachschaftsrat.

Acceptance of proposals and program will be announced mid-June.

Giving talks and/or participating in LESCOL is free of charge and independent from participation in the DGfS-CNRS Summer School on Linguistic Typology.