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Potentials of Language Documentation:
Methods, Analyses, and Utilization

Potentials of Language Documentation (November 3 - 4, 2011)
A workshop funded by the Volkswagen Foundation

Date: November 3 - 4, 2011 (Thursday-Friday)

Place: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany)

Organized by:

  • Frank Seifart (Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology)

Panels coordinated by:

  • Peter Wittenburg, Frank Seifart, Anna Margetts, Geoffrey Haig, Nikolaus Himmelmann, Dagmar Jung, and Paul Trilsbeek

Local organizer:

  • Claudia Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)


Short description:

This workshop will discuss the threefold potentials of language documentation:

  • how computational methods can efficiently enhance the annotations and improve the analyses of linguistic data
  • how language documentation data can change important aspects of analyses in linguistics and related disciplines
  • how language documentation data can be utilized for research, language maintenance, and to raise awareness of linguistic diversity