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Eurotyp Questionnaires

Eurotyp was a large-scale project of the European Science Foundation aimed at examining the range of typological variation found in the languages of Europe. As part of the activities of the participants, questionnaires were created with respect to a number of areas of grammar:

  • Constituent Order
  • Subordination and Complementation
  • Actancy and Valency
  • Adverbial relations, operators and connectives
  • Tense and aspect
  • Noun Phrase Structure
  • Clitics and non-lexical categories

Questionnaires were devised to assist in collecting data about the full range of European languages. The results of the project were published as a series of volumes by Mouton de Gruyter in the series entitled Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, ed. by Georg Bossong, Bernard Comrie and Yaron Matras.

The Eurotyp guidelines can be found here.

Not all the groups/subgroups mentioned in the Eurotyp list have questionnaires. Below are those that we have been able to get copies of so far.

Eurotyp questionnaires
Group 2: Constituent Order
Group 5: Adverbial relations, operators and connectives
Group 6: Tense and aspect
Group 7: Noun Phrase Structure
Group 8: Clitics and non-lexical categories