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Word order

In this questionnaire the author examines the word order possibilities found in a language. The questions go far beyond main clause constituent order, as is shown by the following table of contents for the questionnaire:

Main clause constituents
Word order in transitive clauses
Word order in intransitive clauses
Word order in ditransitive clauses
Word order variation
Order of adverbials
Order in different sentence types
Order in yes/no questions
Order in question-word questions
Order in echo-questions
Order in imperatives
Order in negative clauses
Order in the noun phrase
The nominal group
Possessive constructions
Comparative constructions
Other ordering phenomena
The verbal complex
Conjunct order
Intralanguage variation
Agreement and/or cross-reference
Inflectional morphology
Other Data

The questionnaires
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Developed by
Anna Siewierska

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