Logo Spring School Leipzig Spring School on
Linguistic Diversity
March 26 – April 4, 2008

Overview of courses

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Each course comprises four 90-minute sessions. The courses will be arranged in eight time slots (A-H), with two to three courses in each slot that take place simultaneously:

A René Schiering Joseph Farquharson Corinna Handschuh
Alena Witzlack-Makarevich
Prosodic typology Morphology and word-formation in Pidgins and Creoles Grammatical relations typology beyond standard alignment
B Andrej Malchukov Don Stilo Doris Löhr
Competing motivations and case-marking typology Typological Features and the Areal Dimension in the Languages of the Southern Caucasus, Northern Iran-Iraq and Eastern Turkey Language contact in African languages
C Jaklin Kornfilt Martin Haspelmath
Topics in Turkic syntax Syntactic universals and usage frequency
D Michael Cysouw Susanne Michaelis  
Quantitative approaches to lexical comparison Creole languages in a world-wide perspective
E Elena Lieven
Sabine Stoll
Søren Wichmann Thomas Wier
Cross-linguistic approaches to language acquisition Quantitative approaches to language change Feature hierarchies in natural languages
F Balthasar Bickel Gereon Müller  
Understanding typological distributions Inflectional morphology  
G David Gil Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky
Matthias Schlesewsky
Ekkehard Wolff
How Different Can Languages Be? Neurotypology Issues in the Historical Phonology of Chadic languages (Afroasiatic)
H Jan Wohlgemuth Holger Diessel
Karsten Schmidtke
The impact of language contact on typology Converging Evidence: Linguistic Typology and Corpus Linguistics