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The relative frequencies of nouns, pronouns, and verbs in discourse. An international workshop
August 12-13, 2013


Monday, August 12, 2013
MPI EVA Lecture hall, 2nd floor

9.30-9.45 Welcome
9.45-10.45 Wallace Chafe:
Keynote: Languages with an Astonishing Wealth of Verbs
10.45-11.00 Coffee
11.00-11.45 Jean-Pierre Koenig & Karin Michelson:
Counting nouns is not always the right question [Abstract]
11.45-12.30 Frank Seifart, Jan Strunk et al:
Noun frequencies and speech rate
12.30-14.00 Lunch
14.00-14.45 Luis Pastor, Josu Landa & Itziar Laka:
Noun to Verb ratio in Basque, Spanish, Catalan and Galician [Abstract]
14.45-15.30 Martin Kohlberger:
Verbal Tales in the Amazon: Noun-to-Verb Ratio in Shiwiar Narratives [Abstract]
15.30-15.45 Coffee
15.45-16.30 Antonis Anastasopoulos, Stella Markantonatou & Yanis Maistros:
Using object noun and clitic frequencies in the study of transitivity in Modern Greek [Abstract]
16.30-17.15 Geoffrey Haig:
Where do all the objects go? Investigating the impact of bound object marking on the relative frequencies of lexical expression of objects in discourse [Abstract]
17.15-18.00 Discussion time (optional)
19.00 Dinner at Auerbachs Keller (German food) (everybody welcome)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013
MPI EVA Lecture hall, 2nd floor

9.15-10.15 Stefan Evert:
Keynote: On Corpus Frequencies
10.15-11.00 Arne Zeschel & Thomas Schmidt:
FOLK taxonomies: Text type stratification by POS n-grams in a monolingual conversation corpus [Abstract]
11.00-11.15 Coffee
11.15-12.00 Roland Schäfer & Felix Bildhauer:
Frequencies of Nouns, Pronouns, and Verbs by Document Types in German and Spanish Web Corpora [Abstract]
12.00-12.45 Marion Bendinelli:
POS ratios in the American presidential debates (1960-2008) A computer-based analysis of political speeches and parties [Abstract]
12.45-14.15 Lunch
14.15-15.00 Kenjiro Matsuda:
The effect of the speaker’s sex and age on the relative frequencies of nouns, pronouns and verbs [Abstract]
15.00-15.45 Kristel Uiboaed, Liina Lindströma & Kadri Muischnek:
Frequencies of verbs and verbal constructions across Estonian dialects and standard language [Abstract]
15.45-16.00 Coffee
16.00-16.45 Reili Argus & Helen Kõrgesaar:
The acquisition of Estonian: frequency of verbs and adverbs [Abstract]
16.45-17.15 Concluding Discussion:
Future directions for interdisciplinary research on frequencies of parts of speech
18.45 Dinner at Basamo (African food) (everybody welcome)