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The Incas and their Origins:
A Cross-Disciplinary Conspectus
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th June, 2014

Suggested Cross-Disciplinary Reading

To fill out this list, participants are encouraged to submit their suggested the paper(s) they consider most highly relevant for researchers from other disciplines to be aware of. If necessary, access can be limited to participants only, through password-protection.

To start this list off, initially we suggest below one illustration of how the disciplines can learn from each other: in this case a linguistic perspective on the Incas and their origins.

You may also find helpful the publications from previous events in our series (particularly the introductory and concluding chapters).


Cerrón-Palomino, R. 2013. Las lenguas de los incas: el puquina, el aimara y el quechua. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. [pdf of presentation and contents]