Association for Linguistic Typology
10th Biennial Conference (ALT 10)
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ALT 10   –   August 15-18, 2013

Call for abstracts

Abstracts on any topic in typology are invited for oral presentations or posters. Non-members of ALT may submit abstracts but will be expected to join ALT in order to present a paper at the meeting. Oral presentations may be submitted with the specification of a theme session; they will then be jointly evaluated by the Programme Committee and the theme-session convenor(s).

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: January 15, 2013

Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2013

Papers are anonymously reviewed; in line with previous meetings, the committee will strive to ensure that selection is rigorous but that acceptance rate is not too low.

Categories of submission

  1. Oral presentation (single or multiple author): Timing will depend on the number of papers accepted for presentation and will most probably range between 20 and 25 minutes per paper, plus 10 minutes for discussion.
  2. Poster: One or more poster sessions will be organized, depending on demand.
  3. Oral/poster: This means you prefer an oral presentation but can also present a poster. If there are more good abstracts than we can accommodate, the Programme Committee will schedule some as posters. If you choose either category "poster" or "oral/poster", this will probably increase your chances of acceptance.

Theme sessions

  1. Generalized Noun Modifying Clause Constructions ( Convenor: Yoshiko Matsumoto)
  2. Typological hierarchies in synchrony and diachrony (Convenors: Sonia Cristofaro, Fernando Zúñiga, Karin Stüber)
  3. Lexical typology of qualitative concepts (Convenors: Ekaterina Rakhilina & Tatiana Reznikova)
  4. Linked Data in Linguistic Typology (Convenor: Sebastian Nordhoff)
  5. Quantitative Linguistic Typology: State-of-the-Art and Beyond (Convenor: Harald Hammarström)
  6. Predicate-centered focus from a cross-linguistic perspective (Convenors: Tom Güldemann & Ines Fiedler)

How to submit an abstract

Send your abstract as an e-mail attachment.

Subject header: (your name) ALT 10 abstract

Include these things in the body of the email:

  • authors' names
  • abstract title
  • contact information: e-mail, phone, fax
Note: One individual may be involved in a maximum of two abstracts (maximum of one as sole author), regardless of category (oral, poster, theme-session talk).

Abstract specifications

Maximum length: 500 words or 1 single-spaced page.

Please put this information at the top of your abstract:

  • abstract title
  • abstract category (oral, poster, oral/poster)
  • theme session (if applicable)

Format: If at all possible, please send your abstract as a pdf.

Name: Give your pdf a filename similar to the subject header.

Anonymity: Abstracts must be anonymous: do not put your name or other identifying information on the abstract. Also, please anonymize your pdf by removing identifying information.


ALT Programme Committee

  • Stephen Matthews (U Hong Kong, chair)
  • Bernard Comrie (MPI EVA, Leipzig)
  • Hilary Chappell (EHESS, Paris)
  • Michael Daniel (MGU and HSE, Moscow)
  • Mark Donohue (ANU, Canberra)
  • Martin Haspelmath (MPI EVA, Leipzig)