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Neandertal Muscle Physiology
August 25, 2014 13:00
Speaker: Nikolay Oskolkov & Ola Hansson (Lund University Diabetes Center)
Talk at the Department of Evolutionary Genetics

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Seminar Area Genetics

Viola Mittag
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Grammaticalization and language typology
August 26, 2014 15:00
Speaker: Heiko Narrog (Tohoku University & MPI-EVA)
Talk at the Department of Linguistics

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Seminar room U 1.50 (Linguistics/Psychology)

Claudia Büchel
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Ape Origins of Human Cooperation
August 26, 2014 15:30
Speaker: Christopher Krupenye (Duke University)
Talk at the Department of Psychology

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Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Fourth floor seminar room (H 4.10)

Humans are ultra-cooperative, exhibiting numerous unique forms of cooperation that are likely underlain by unique motivations and cognition. Comparative studies on the underpinnings of cooperation in human and nonhuman apes are necessary to elucidate the evolution of cooperative behavior in these species and to investigate the cognitive phenotype of their most recent common ancestor. In pursuit of this aim, I explore three relevant questions. First, how sophisticated is cooperative decision-making in wild apes? Specifically, do chimpanzees exploit their knowledge of third-party relationships in partner choice? Second, what difference lie between chimpanzee and bonobo cooperation and altruism? Finally, what qualitative differences exist in the cognitive and motivational underpinnings of human and nonhuman ape cooperation?

Elvira Möhring

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