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Can Growth Mindset Values Lead to Believing in a Just World?
October 27, 2016 15:30
Speaker: Haleh Yazdi (University of California, San Diego)
Talk at the Department of Psychology

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Seminar room Psychology/Ecology (U 1.50)

Growth mindset, or viewing one’s traits as malleable and improvable through effort, has been linked to optimal development in Western children. But one potential drawback is that these teachings may encourage individuals to believe in a Just World—that people’s circumstances result from how much effort they expend. In this talk, I will review the benefits and potential drawbacks to fostering growth mindset beliefs in children. In particular, I argue that such beliefs may be problematic in societies, such as India, where social mobility is restricted. I will present a cross-cultural investigation of growth mindset and Just World beliefs among adults in the U.S. and adults and children in India. Our findings suggest that while the two constructs are positively related for American adults, Indian children and adults do not perceive the world as fair. However, similar to Americans, Indian children emphasize effort and hard work in explaining successes and failures for themselves and others—even after attempting to complete a rigged puzzle task. Finally, I will discuss effective teaching strategies that encourage children to acknowledge injustices in the world, and thereby ground learning goals within the larger purpose of making a social impact.

Elvira Möhring

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Signatures of adaptive introgression in humans
November 02, 2016 13:15
Speaker: Fernando Racimo (New York Genome Center)
Talk at the Department of Evolutionary Genetics

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Seminar Area Genetics

Viola Mittag
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December 02, 2016 14:00
Speaker: Russell Gray, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany
The Institute Seminar Series

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MPI-EVA, Deutscher Platz 6, Lecture hall, 2nd floor

- 14:00 Russell Gray: Title to be announced

- 15:30 Discussion and soft drinks just outside the lecture hall

Some information on the speaker and a list of his publications can be found at http://www.shh.mpg.de/2923/russellgray

The series featuring internal and external speakers takes place roughly every 1-2 months on Friday early afternoons. The committee organizing the seminar series consists of: Aida Andrés, Bret Beheim, Catherine Crockford, Jan Engelmann, Alexander Stoessel, Sandra Jacob and Jörg Noack. Please contact any of them with comments or suggestions.

Sandra Jacob, -122 or -156

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