15.12.2017 - 18:52
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Bridge professorship

between University of Leipzig & Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Prof. Dr. Anja Widdig

email: anja_widdig@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de
phone.: ++49 (0)341 9736 707

Former members

  • Constance Dubuc (2010-2011 Postdoc), PhD at University of Montreal, Canada, now Postdoc at Cambridge University, UK
  • Anahita Kazem (2010-2011 Postdoc), now at the Department of Evolutionary Genetics, Max-Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany
  • Daphné Kerhoas Essens (2009-2016PhD), now Lecturer at Bristol, Zoological Society, UK
  • Doreen Langos (2009-2015 PhD), now teacher in Berlin
  • Laura Muniz (2008-2012 Postdoc), now teacher in Brazil
  • Christof Neumann (2008-2013 PhD), now Postdoc at University of Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • Dana Pfefferle (2011-2014 Postdoc), now Postdoc at the German Primate Center, Göttingen, Germany
  • Ruth Thomsen (2009-2013 Postdoc), now University College London, UK