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Department of Evolutionary Genetics

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Deutscher Platz 6
04103 Leipzig

phone: +49 341 3550 - 500

e-mail: mittag@[>>> Please remove the brackets! <<<]eva.mpg.de

1955 Born in Stockholm, Sweden.
1975-1976 School of Interpreters, Swedish Defense Forces.
1975-1981 Studies at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Uppsala, including History of Science, Egyptology, Russian.
1977-1980 Medical studies at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.
1979-1980 Part time research and teaching at the Department of Cell Biology, Uppsala, and Roche Institute for Molecular Biology, Nutley, N.J. USA.
1981-1986 Full time research as PhD-student at the Department of Cell Research, Uppsala.
1986 PhD degree at University of Uppsala, Sweden.
1986-1987 Postdoctoral research at the Institute for Molecular Biology II, University of Zürich, Switzerland.
1987 Short period of work at Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London, UK.
1987-1990 Postdoctoral research at Department of Biochemistry, University of California at Berkeley, USA.
1990 Docent (habilitation) in Medical Genetics, University of Uppsala, Sweden.
1990-1998 Full Professor (C4) of General Biology, University of Munich, Germany.
1997- Director, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany.
1999- Honorary Professor of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology, University of Leipzig, Germany.
2003-2015 Guest Professor of Comparative Genomics, University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Scholarships, Fellowships and Honors

1984-1986 Training scholarship from the Swedish Cancer Society.
1986 EMBO short-term fellowship.
1987 FEBS fellowship.
1987-1989 EMBO long-term fellowship.
1992 Leibniz Prize of the German Science Foundation.
1994 Honorary Doctorate, University of Zurich, Switzerland.
1996 EMBL Distinguished Visitor Lecture, Heidelberg, Germany.
1998 Member, Academia Europaea.
Max Delbrück Medal, Berlin, Germany.
1999 Member, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Berlin, Germany.
Carus Medal and Prize, Halle and Schweinfurt,Germany.
Member, EMBO.
2000 Honorary Doctorate, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Rudbeck Prize, Uppsala, Sweden.
Member, Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 Member, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Halle, Germany.
Foreign Member, Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters, Helsinki, Finland.
2003 Leipzig Science Prize, Leipzig, Germany.
Ernst Schering Prize, Berlin, Germany.
Member, Saxonian Academy of Sciences, Leipzig, Germany.
2004 Foreign Member, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC, USA.
2005 Louis Jeantet Prize for Medicine, Geneva, Switzerland.
Virchow Medal, University of Würzburg, Germany.
2007 Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World.
Emeritus Member, Academie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.
2008 Order of Terra Mariana, 3rd Class, Republic of Estonia.
Gorjanovic-Kramberger Medal, Zagreb, Croatia.
Honorary Professor, Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of
Sciences, Beijing, China.
Academy of Achievement Honoree, Washington D.C., USA.
Pour le mérite, Bonn, Germany. 
Honorary Doctorate, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009 Kistler Prize, Seattle, WA, USA.
Grosses Bundesverdienstkreuz mit Stern, Berlin, Germany.
Darwin-Plakette, Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Halle, Germany.
Anatomische Les, Amsterdam, Holland.
2010 Theodor Bücher Medal, Federation of European Biochemical Societies.
Honorary Member, Croatian Anthropological Society, Zagreb, Croatia.
2011 Newcomb-Cleveland Prize, AAAS, Washington, D.C.
Foreign Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Cambridge MA, USA.
Biochemical Analysis Prize, DGKL, Berlin, Germany.
2012 H.M. The King's Medal (Kon:sGM12mhb), Stockholm, Sweden.
Honorary Doctor of Medicine, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm,
Corresponding Member, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Zagreb, Croatia.
Heisse Kartoffel, Leipzig, Gemany.
2013 Gruber Genetics Prize, New Haven, CT, USA.
Foreign Member, Royal Academy of Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden.
2014 Learning Ladder Prize, Stockholm, Sweden.
Allen Distinguished Investigator.
2015 Lomonosov Large Gold Medal, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
Doctor of Science h.c., National University of Ireland, Galway.
Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences, Mountain View, CA, USA.

Scientific service

1990-1993 Associate Editor, Journal of Human Evolution.
1991-2004 Editorial Board, Genome Research.
1991- Editorial Board, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
1991-1995 HUGO Committee for Human Genetic Diversity.
1992-1993 Life Sciences Group, European Community Program "Human Capital and Mobiliy".
1993-1996 Panel member, Ancient Biomolecules Initiative, Science & Engineering Research Council, UK.
1995-2002 Editorial Board, Biological Chemistry.
1996-2006 Editorial Board, BioTechniques.
1996-2001 Advisor, Gene.
1996 EMBL Review Board, Biological Instrumentation Programme.
1997-2002 Editorial Board, Human Heredity.
1997-2000 Editorial Board, Ancient Biomolecules.
1997 Main organizer, Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.
1997-2005 Board of Directors, "Genome Research" and "Cell Factory for functional Genomics" programs. Foundation for Strategic Research, Sweden.
1998 Organizer, Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Human Evolution.
2000- Advisory Board, Trends in Ecology and Evolution.
Organizer, Banbury Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
2000-2003 Scientific Advisory Board, Pyrosequencing AB, Sweden.
2001 Organizer, SNP Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden.
2001-2005 Kuratorium, Leipziger Stiftung für Innovation und Technologietransfer.
2004-2006 Organizer, Cold Spring Harbor Meeting “The Biology of Genomes”.
2004-2006 Scientific Advisory Board, Joint Genome Institute, Department of Energy, Walnut Creak, California, USA.
2005-2007 Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, Uppsala Centre for Comparative Genomics, Sweden.
2005 Organizer, "International Workshop on Encoding Information in DNA Sequences", Okinawa, Japan.
2007 Organizer, "Symposium on the Evolution of Brain, Behaviour & Intelligence", Hinxton, UK.
Organizer, "Linnaeus Classification of Humans Revisited", Uppsala, Sweden.
2008- Scientific Advisory Board, Cold Spring Harbor Asia, Suzhou, China
2014- Scientific Advisory Board, SciLifeLab, Sweden


1979-1980 Teaching assistant, Medical Cell Biology and Histology.
1981-1986 Lectures in Cell Biology and Genetics for medical students.
1980-1986 Lectures in History of Science for Egyptology students.
1987 Course in pedagogy for faculty, University of Uppsala.
1991-1998 Organization of theoretical and practical teaching in general biology and evolution, University of Munich.
1999- Teaching in molecular evolutionary biology, University of Leipzig.