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Educational Design Lab

Our Educational Design Lab is a global community resource for supporting and evaluating innovations in teaching human behavior as an interdisciplinary theme, and evolution as an interdisciplinary science.

Organized around our educational design concept, the lab supports students, pre-service and in-service teachers in exploring, innovating, and evaluating our evolving database of teaching resources and ideas.  

Our lab works within the framework of our Design-Based Research Model, and our Theory of School Improvement, and integrates fully with concepts and processes in our Community Science Lab

Learn more on the Educational Design Lab page of the OpenEvo Research Hub or explore select lab outputs below.  

Selected Lab Outputs

In addition to supporting a diverse range of academic publications, our Educational Design Lab has and continues to develop tools for interdisciplinary approaches to evolution and sustainability education through the theme of human behavior.  Below we link to a few selected outputs.

A collection of lessons that connect evolutionary thinking to the socio-scientific issues of human cooperation for sustainable resource use.

Our scaffolded collection of Agent-Based Models for engaging students across ages in learning foundational concepts in evolution, ecology, behavior, cooperation, and sustainability.