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Project Members

  • Leonardo Lancia
  • Sven Grawunder
  • Daniel Voigt

Laryngealization: characterization and interaction with other features

We studied the functioning of the larynx in the production of glottal stops and in the production of laryngealized voicing via an original approach to the quantification of this phonetic feature in running speech. We studied the interaction between vowel laryngealization and lexical tones and the interactions between glottal stops and flanking vowels. Both languages in which this feature distinguishes phonemes and languages in which this feature has a prosodic role were studied.


Lancia, L., Avelino, H. & Voigt, D., Measuring laryngealization in running speech: interaction with contrastive tones in Yal·lag Zapotec. Proceedings of Interspeech 2013 , Lyon, France, August 2013.

Lancia, L., Avelino, H. & Voigt, D., Studying the interaction between irregular voice quality and lexical tones with recurrence analysis and functional mixed models. Tone: Theory and Practice workshop, Leipzig, Germany, September 2012 (Poster presentation).

Leonardo Lancia & Sven Grawunder New methods to explore the complexity of the behavior of the larynx and its interaction with breathing factors and configuration of the tongue. Proceedings of the  4th summer school on "Speech Production and Perception: Speaker-Specific Behaviorî Aix-en-Provence, September 2014 (Oral presentation).