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Learn with us, at the Wolfgang Köhler Primate Research Centre!

We are currently developing a set of learning opportunities, in English & German, for school students to learn more about the research of our department. 

Our capacity is currently limited, however you can register your interest here.

    Programs in development

    We are currently developing two core programs, Primate research through Machine Learning, and Human Evolution & Primate BehaviorThese programs are particularly suited to 10th-12th grade biology students, but could be relevant for other subject area classes, including Computer Science and English. 

    We welcome interest and ideas from teachers across all subject areas regarding the learning potential of scientific research with the great apes of the WKPRC. 

    Learn more about our core programs in the descriptions below and register your interest for School Year 2022-23 here: https://openevo.eva.mpg.de/zoo-tours/

    Primate research through Machine Learning

    How can new technologies can give us new insights into humans and other great apes? The "Phenotyping Revolution" is a new approach to studying our closest relatives, non-human primates like Chimpanzees and Bonobos, in which new technologies such as thermal imaging and machine learning are used to better understand the minds and behaviors of these species. In this program students in grades 10-12 can learn about the cutting edge research of the WKPRC and Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. 

    Human Evolution and Primate Behavior

    How can we learn about our ancient ancestors and human origins through the study of our great ape relatives that live today? In this program, students in grades 10-12 can learn about how cognitive and behavioral research can inform our understanding of big questions about the human condition.