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Information for prospective students

The work of my group aims to understand the interplay between behavior, ecology, genetics and fitness, however, we are open if you bring your own idea. If you are interested in becoming a member of my group:

  1. Please check whether the research interests of the group are connected to your own interests.
  2. Study some of the most important publications on our research topics.
  3. Check some useful methods we use e.g., behavioral data collection, field experiments, molecular genetics, chemical ecology and complex statistical models. If you have been trained in at least one of these fields, this is most desired for many studies of our research group.
  4. Send me an email if you decide that our interests coincide well and include the following:
    • Detailed statement of your research interests and why you think you fit into our group.
    • CV
    • Publication list, if you have any already
    • Contact of the people you will ask for letters of recommendation
    • A list of the courses that were most interesting to you during your study
    • A list of the math, statistics and other quantitative courses you have taken
    • Evidence of your writing skills (e.g., MSc, BSc work or any grants you wrote)
    • The language we communicate within our group is English. If English is not your mother tongue, please provide evidence of your level.
  5. Plan to visit us if possible or apply for some practical work or internship before.

My group some extensive experiences supervising MSc, BSc, PhD or post-doc research in non-human primates and other mammals. 

The number of students which can be accepted per year is limited and strongly depends upon available funding. Please note that we have only restricted funding available for our current research projects (check if there are jobs offered). If you want to conduct PhD or post-doc research on projects, you would have to look for additional funding once you have been accepted.

anja_widdig@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de