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Workshop "State of the art of Mesoamerican linguistics"

6-7 December 2014

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig (Germany)

Organizers: Søren Wichmann, with Claudia Bavero


This workshop brings together leading specialists on the different language families and isolates of Mesoamerica to gain an overview of progress in the field. The intended outcome of the meeting the publication of a handbook, The Languages and Linguistics of Middle and Central America: A Comprehensive Guide, for the de Gruyter - Mouton series The World of Linguistics. Each talk will combine a brief overview with a more comprehensive presentation of selected topics of interest.

Invited speakers

  • David Beck (University of Alberta)
  • Evangelina Adamou (CNRS, Paris)
  • Eric Campbell (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Claudine Chamoreau (CNRS, Paris)
  • Jason Haugen (Oberlin College)
  • Steffen Haurholm-Larsen (Universität Bern)
  • Terrence Kaufman
  • Alfonso Lacadena (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • B'alam Mateo Toledo (CIESAS, Sureste)
  • Kosuke Matsukawa (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)
  • Rolf Noyer (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Enrique Palancar (University of Surrey)
  • Chris Rogers (Brigham Young University)
  • Roberto Zavala (CIESAS, Sureste)

Local organizers

  • Claudia Bavero