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Leipzig Endangered Languages Archive (LELA)

Background and Policies


The Leipzig Endangered Languages Archive (LELA) was founded in 2005 to offer digital archiving services for linguistic data collected by members of the greater Leipzig linguistics community. It was based at the Department of Linguistics at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA).


LELA’s primary function was the preservation of digital linguistic materials and the dissemination of those materials to members of the academic community or speaker communities with a valid interest in accessing their content. In this role, LELA allowed researchers funded by MPI EVA to fulfill their obligations to leave copies of the materials they collect or work on using MPI funds with the Max Planck Society. LELA was not intended for creating an open web-based resource dissemination system.

LELA does not archive physical materials (e.g., cassette tapes or field notes). However, in some cases LELA digitized such materials for depositors, thus allowing the content of those recordings to be archived with LELA.

It was the responsibility of the depositor to work out with LELA staff appropriate means for ensuring proper metadata is associated with deposited materials.


Members of the "greater Leipzig linguistics community" were eligible to make use of LELA’s archiving services. This included employees and guests of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA) who conducted linguistic research and linguists based at the University of Leipzig.

Archived materials:

At present, LELA archives digital audio files, digital images (including scanned images), documents in plain or marked-up text, and documents in PDF format.

Metadata standards:

LELA used to a wide extend the IMDI metadata standard to organize materials in the archive. This format was developed by the Technical Group at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen for DOBES archive (later TLA). 

Contact: lingarchive@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Data Archive

Agul 683 sound files (wav, mp3)
28 text files (doc)
Ganenkov, Dmitry et al.
Aika 9 sound files (mp3)
2 text files (pdf)
Elugbe, Benjamin
Berbice Dutch 116 sound files (wav)
195 text files (pdf)
12 pictures (jpg)
Kouwenberg, Silvia
Cashinahua 58 sound files (wav)
3 video files (mpeg)
5 annotation files (eaf)
Reiter, Sabine & Keifenheim, Barbara
Chechen30 sound files (wav)Nichols, Johanna
Enets2980 sound files (wav, mp3)
400 text files (pdf, txt, doc)
700 annotation files (eaf)
4590 pictures (jpg)
Shluinsky, Andrey & Khanina, Olesya
Furu Awa
-  Beezen
-  Furu Awa
-  Uuhum Gigi

18 sound files (wav)
39 sound files (wav)
22 sound files (wav)
Good, Jeff
Ingush 1325 sound files (wav, mp3, amr)
16 video files (mpeg)
10 text files (doc)
Nichols, Johanna
Jambi Malay 77 sound files (wav)
76 text files (txt)
Cole, Peter
Jarawa10 sound files (wav)
6 text files (pdf)
Kumar, Pramod
Khwarshi 9 sound files (wav)
7 text files (pdf)
32 pictures (jpg)
Khalilova, Zaira
Naki 43 sound files (wav)
18 annotation files (eaf)
Good, Jeff
Nias18 sound files (wav, mp3)Brown, Lea
Ọ̀kọ 20 sound files (wav)
20 text files (pdf)
Atoyebi, Joseph
Onya Darat4700 sound files (wav)
1138 PCquirer files (pmf)
22 text files (txt)
Avelino, Heriberto
Quechua, Cuzco54 sound files (wav)Lefebrve, Claire
Sakha 24 sound files (wav)
64 text files (pdf, rtf, txt)
117 pictures (jpg)
Pakendorf, Brigitte
Siwi 1612 sound files (wav)
198 pictures (jpeg)
4 text files (pdf)
Naumann, Christfried
-  Zarma

60 sound files (wav)
27 pictures (tiff)
Nicolai, Robert
Taa55 sound files (wav)
56 text files (txt, doc)
23 annotation files (eaf)
2115 pictures (jpg)
38 video files (mpg)
Naumann, Christfried
Udi250 sound files (wav, mp3)
133 pictures (jpg)
Maisak, Timur
Lander, Yuri
Ganenkov, Dmitri
Upper Kuskokwim 3 video files (mpg)
1 text file (pdf)
Kibrik, Andrej
Western Beboid
-  Abar Aba
-  Beboid Bu
-  Esimbi
-  Fang
-  Koshin
-  Mbuk
-  Missong
-  Mufu
-  Mundabli
-  Munken
-  Ngun-Ngwen
-  Zak/ Za'Biya

13 sound files (wav), 10 text files (txt)
13 sound files (wav), 7 text files (txt)
9 sound files (wav)
13 sound files (wav), 7 text files (txt)
37 sound files (wav), 6 text files (txt)
7 sound files (wav), 1 text file (txt)
4 sound files (wav), 2 text files (txt)
8 sound files (wav), 4 text files (txt)
7 sound files (wav), 4 text files (txt)
34 sound files (wav), 9 text files (txt)
4 sound files (wav)
3 sound files (wav), 1 text file (txt)
Good, Jeff
Yahgan 34 sound files (wav)
1 picture (gif)
1 text file (pdf)
Meroz, Yoram