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Talks on Sunday


Carola Emkow "Abstract causatives and causation in Benabena" (Session C)

Patrick Steinkrüger "Intragenetic typology: The case of Romance” (Session A)

Sebatian Drude “Languages, “languoids”, ISO-codes and the Glottolog: Creating reference systems for language diversity and variation“ (Session C)
>>     will move to the Lecture Hall (2nd floor)

Talks on Friday

1800-1830, Session A
Dabir-Moghaddam, Mohammad (Allameh Tabataba'i U Tehran)
Patterns of variation in word order and agreement in Modern Western Iranian languages

1800-1830, Session B
Kumar, Pramod (Tezpur U, India)
Why are we linguistically so diverse?


Our registration is open for all 3 days and starts Friday at 7.30am.

Friday Evening – some suggestions for restaurants


Ratskeller (http://www.ratskeller-leipzig.de) – Lotterstr. 1
Thüringer Hof (http://www.thueringer-hof.de/en) -  Burgstraße 19
Zills Tunnel (http://www.zillstunnel.de/start.html) – Barfußgässchen 9


Alte Nikolaischule (http://www.saxonia-catering.de/restaurants-und-eventlocations/alte-nikolaischule) – Nikolaikirchhof 2
Sol y Mar (http://www.solymar-leipzig.de) - Gottschedstraße 4
Telegraph (http://www.cafe-telegraph.de) - Dittrichring 18 - 20


Fra Diavolo (http://www.fradiavolo-leipzig.de) – Burgplatz 2
La Grotta Palazese (http://www.grottapalazzese.de) – Ratsfreischulstraße 6-8
Brauhaus an der Thomaskirche (http://www.brauhaus-thomaskirche.de) – Thomaskirchhof 3-5


India Gate (http://indiagate.de) - Nikolaistraße 10
Indian Garden (http://www.indian-garden.de) – Nikolaistraße 40
Pho Viet (http://www.phoviet-leipzig.de/index.php/en/) – Katharinenstraße 15
Shiki Sushi Bar (http://www.sushi-shiki-leipzig.de) – Klostergasse

Tram 16 - Friday morning, May 1 (public holiday)

*from 6am - 8am the tram runs only every 30 minutes, from 9am every 15 minutes

*There are some construction work at the tram stop "Roßplatz". This means, that in direction "Lößnig" the tram makes a little detour:
Hauptbahnhof (regular)
Augustusplatz (regular)
W.-Leuschner Platz (detour)
Peterssteinweg (detour)
Grünewaldstraße (detour)
Härtelstraße (regular)
Bayerischer Bahnhof (regular)
Johannisallee (regular)
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (regular)
For the way back from the institute to the city center/train station, the tram goes regular.

Public transport system: http://www.lvb.de/home-page

Warming up - Thursday, April 30

For Thursday night (April 30), we reserved space in five restaurants/cafés, so that those of you who are in town and don't have anything else to do can meet other participants of the conference:

– Sol y Mar (http://www.solymar-leipzig.de/) - Gottschedstraße 4
– Milchbar Pinguin (http://www.milch-bar-pinguin.de/) - Katharinenstraße 4
– Thüringer Hof (http://www.thueringer-hof.de/en/) -  Burgstraße 19
– India Gate (http://indiagate.de/de/) - Nikolaistraße 10
– Telegraph (http://www.cafe-telegraph.de) -  Dittrichring 18 - 20

In each of these places, we reserved a table for 15 people, and at least one of the locals will be there.
They may of course have more space, and if they are too crowded, you may find other people to join you looking for alternatives.
For the other evenings (Friday and Sunday), we ask you to find a restaurant on your own, and we will distribute a list of our favourites.