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Equipment and Facilities


The library of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology is primarily a reference library for the institute's academic staff and covers the research areas represented by them. Currently, the collection comprises about 47,000 volumes (books, e-books, databases, journals, microforms, DVDs, CD-ROMs, etc.). [more]

E-mail: library@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Specialized Labs

Molecular Biological Laboratories

Our laboratory equipment includes:

  • HiSeq 2500 with rapid module, Illumina
  • MiSeq Personal Sequencer, Illumina
  • 2 Genome Sequencer FLX, Roche
  • Ion PGMTM Sequencer, Life Technologies
  • ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer, ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
  • Covaris S220
  • Bio-Rad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System
  • Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System
  • Mx 3005P Real Time PCR System, Stratagene
  • BioRobot 9600, Qiagen
  • epMotion 5075 LH workstation, Eppendorf
  • Genechip Fludics Station 450 and scanner, Affymetrix
  • Bioanalyzer 2100, Agilent
  • Typhoon 9410 variable mode imager, Amersham biosciences
  • HPLC and Oligonucleotide synthesizer
  • MJ PCR engines
  • Cell culture facilities

Laboratory Facilities, Dept. of Genetics
Molecular Genetics Laboratory