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Equipment and Facilities


The library of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology is primarily a reference library for the institute's academic staff and covers the research areas represented by them. Currently, the collection comprises about 35,000 volumes and about 200 subscribed journals, increasing by about 3,000 items annually. We also facilitate access to more than 80,000 licensed electronic journals. [more]

E-mail: library@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de

Specialized Labs

Molecular Biological Laboratories

Our laboratory equipment includes:

  • HiSeq 2500 with rapid module, Illumina
  • MiSeq Personal Sequencer, Illumina
  • 2 Genome Sequencer FLX, Roche
  • Ion PGMTM Sequencer, Life Technologies
  • ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer, ABI 3130xl Genetic Analyzer
  • Covaris S220
  • Bio-Rad QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System
  • Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System
  • Mx 3005P Real Time PCR System, Stratagene
  • BioRobot 9600, Qiagen
  • epMotion 5075 LH workstation, Eppendorf
  • Genechip Fludics Station 450 and scanner, Affymetrix
  • Bioanalyzer 2100, Agilent
  • Typhoon 9410 variable mode imager, Amersham biosciences
  • HPLC and Oligonucleotide synthesizer
  • MJ PCR engines
  • Cell culture facilities

Laboratory Facilities, Dept. of Genetics
Molecular Genetics Laboratory