Lise Meitner Group Technological Primates

The Technological Primates Research Group aims to investigate tool behaviour across primate species, environments and time. Our overall research focuses on technological evolution and the origin of tool use in our own species and all known tool using non-human primates.

Non-human primates can provide a model for tool use in early hominins. This offers a real world comparative framework to expand our knowledge regarding the adaptive significance of tool mediated behaviour within the primate lineage. Comparative studies across the primate order provide the opportunity to explore social and ecological variables associated with the emergence and development of tool use. Our group integrates new approaches that synthesise field and laboratory-based methods derived from the disciplines of primatology, archaeology, genetics, robotics and comparative psychology.  We are part of an extensive network bridging field sites of extant technological primates and archaeological sites of ancestral humans to comprehensively study the evolution of and behaviours associated with tool use. 

This group is led by Dr Lydia V. Luncz, for questions and enquiries please email:

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  • Nora Slania