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Child Study Centre

Studies are conducted at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, at kindergartens, after-school care centres and schools in the city of Leipzig.

Studies at the Institute

Over 26,000 potential study participants aged between 4 months and 16 years are already registered with us, and new children are continuously being added. We welcome every new registration!


potential study participants


cooperation partners

See our short video, how child studies are conducted at the institute:

One more word on the frequently asked question “How did you get my address?”

Because we conduct basic research and perform tasks that are in the public interest, we fulfil the criteria of Article 6 and Article 9 EU GDPR and it is on this basis that we receive your addresses from the Residents’ Registration Office pursuant to the German Registration Act [Bundesmeldegesetz]. We only store the contact details of those parents who issue us corresponding consent in the reply letter, permitting us to store their address and telephone number.

Studies at kindergartens/after-school childcare centres/schools

We started out as a very small project in 1997, and began by knocking on the door of the Mayor. Who would have thought back then that we would later work successfully with such a large number of childcare institutions!

When we first make contact with a kindergarten, school or after-school childcare centre, we inform the head of the institutions about our research projects and discuss the conditions together with them, for example, possible rooms in which to conduct our studies. We are pleased to help distribute parent letters and consent forms, and then collect the signed and returned letters.

We have over 160 cooperation partners (kindergartens, schools and after-school childcare centres) throughout Leipzig.

Research Infrastructure