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Project Members

  • Joseph T. Farquharson

Database Design

  • David Kamholz (UC Berkeley)

Jamaican Lexicography Project (Jamlex)

The Jamaican Lexicography Project (Jamlex) aimed to produce for Jamaican (Creole) an electronic dictionary on historical principles.

The Jamaican Lexicography Project (Jamlex) aimed to improve on and update the work of Frederic G. Cassidy, Robert B. Le Page, and other researchers who have documented the lexicon of Jamaicans. The overarching goal of the project was to create a dictionary of Jamaican (possible title: Jamaican National Dictionary) on historical principles. Owing to the lack of resources, the project’s initial phase was essentially a contrast lexicon, but as it grew, Jamlex was able to provide a more complete coverage of the lexicon. Taking advantage of recent trends in the field of lexicography, Jamlex’s output is chiefly electronic, with print publications being secondary in nature. The route of electronic publishing offers several advantages, e.g. low or no cost to the end user, and speedy updates, just to name two.