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Some recent papers from the Pääbo laboratory

Zeberg, H., Jakobsson, M., & Pääbo, S. (2024). [Review] The genetic changes that shaped Neandertals, Denisovans, and modern humans. Cell, 187, 1047-1058.
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Riesenberg, S., Kanis, P., Macak, D., Wollny, D., Düsterhöft, D., Kowalewski, J., Helmbrecht, N., Maricic, T., & Pääbo, S. (2023). Efficient high-precision homology-directed repair-dependent genome editing by HDRobust. Nature Methods, 20, 1388-1399.
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Peyrégne, S., Kelso, J., Peter, B. M., & Pääbo, S. (2022). The evolutionary history of human spindle genes includes back-and-forth gene flow with Neandertals. eLife, 11: e75464.
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Riesenberg, S., Helmbrecht, N., Kanis, P., Maricic, T., & Pääbo, S. (2022). Improved gRNA secondary structures allow editing of target sites resistant to CRISPR-Cas9 cleavage. Nature Communications, 13: 489.
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