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Configure WLAN "eduroam" - Android

  • First download the root certificate USERTrust RSA Certification Authority from here.
  • Open Settings app, Security and privacy, More security settingsandEncryption and credentials.
  • Proceed with Install a certificate and Wi-Fi certificate 
  • Choose the before downloaded UserTrust RSA Certficate and accept the suggested certificate name. The new root certificate is now installed
  • Navigate to the Wi-Fi settings on your Android phone/tablet: Settings App > Network and Internet > Internet
  • Choose Wi-Fi networkeduroam
  • Configure access to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Select as EAP-Method EAP-TTLS and for Phase 2 authentication MSCHAPv2.
  • Now select under CA certificate the previously installed certificate USERTrust RSA Certification Authority
  • Choose for Online certificate status Request certififcate status and under Domain eva.mpg.de
  • Insert your MPI EVA Username (USER_NAME@eva.mpg.de) and password. Under Anonymous identity insert eduroam23@eva.mpg.de
  • Finish setup with Connect and you are connected.