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GrApeNet – Great Ape Research Network

GrApeNet is a growing collaborative research network of the Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology and scientifically managed European zoos. Our overall aim is to enable sustainable, mutually beneficial, high-quality research on cognition, behaviour, and their development in great apes.

General aims

  • Substantial contribution to knowledge on cognitive and behavioural capacities in great apes, with particular emphasis on their development and variation across and within species, through applying state-of-the-art methods to representative samples

  • Development of appropriate and contact-free research methods applicable under various conditions in zoos and sanctuaries (and potentially in field research) following high ethical standards

  • Expand the scientific basis for primate welfare interventions in zoos and sanctuaries and for conservation and education programs by including species-specific developmental aspects

GrApeNet Collaboration Partners

Research Infrastructure