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Former Department of Human Evolution

Director: Prof. Dr. Jean-Jacques Hublin


The former Department of Human Evolution (directed by Jean-Jacques Hublin from 2004 to 2021) investigated human evolution from an integrative point of view, taking into account the various facets of palaeoanthropology. For this purpose, it assembled a large group of scientists coming from varied backgrounds ranging from biology to geochemistry and from archaeology to computer sciences. As evidenced by the wealth of scientific publications, and the successful career trajectories of its alumni this collaborative effort has pushed methodological boundaries, set new standards, and transformed the fields of Paleoanthropology and Paleolithic Archeology.



Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction

Former DepartmentsHuman Evolution

Using zinc isotopes, researchers investigated the diet of megalodon, the largest shark to have ever lived


Neanderthals of the North

Former DepartmentsHuman Evolution

Flexible adaptation to changing environmental conditions


Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment

Human Evolution

New insights into the diet of our species' earliest member in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia