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Media of Russell Gray

Lecture series «The first word»: Gray "Words as a window on our past"

Grambank Workshop 2023 Talk 01: Gray "Welcome & opening remarks" 2023

The Dissenter - Russell Gray: Language Evolution, Big Gods and Rituals, and Animal Cognition (2022)

Vanuatu (2021)

Russell Gray Do Kea Birds Have Cooperative Abilities? (2017)

Russell Gray: "Macro matters" (2016)

Russell Gray: "Macro matters"
Talk presented at the National Academy of Sciences Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium on the Extension of Biology Through Culture.
Published December 7, 2016

Nijmegen lectures (2014)

Russell Gray: DNA and language

Originally aired 20 June 2015 - Russell Gray talks to Kim Hill from Radio New Zealand about the evolution of language, specifically about the origins of the Indo-European languages. In this interview he also expresses his concern about the lack of basic science funding in New Zealand