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CASE (Computer-Animal Self-testing Environment)

Additionally to the touchscreen-based studies this system automatically detects apes which dwell in front of the apparatus. That means apes are getting detected automatically as soon as they dwell in front of the system.
After detection, their last progress state gets loaded, and they can continue their individual-specific procedure. A CASE system includes a food dispenser that can be triggered by random events in the experiment (e.g. correct responses). If the ape disappears from the screen, the current progress state will be stored in the local system and sent (if an internet connection is available) to a central database. An Internet connection is also required if new studies need to be transferred to the CASE system remotely or existing studies need to be modified. Our long-term goal is to reduce human intervention in the study process to the minimum necessary. That is, only the refilling of the feed and the replacement of batteries, in places without constant power supply, are the last necessities of human interaction.